Make WhatsApp your Business Platform

For Smarter and Faster Customer Service


Modernize your Customer Service with WhatsApp Business API to reach 2 billion people instantly. WhatsApp, the most preferred channel by the millennials has made it easier for businesses to connect with their customers without delay. The open rate for WhatsApp is around 70% which gives businesses a chance to deliver exceptional customer service while increasing the CSAT score.
WhatsApp is a simple and private messaging app that allows businesses to connect with their customers without any third-party involvement. These messages are end-to-end encrypted ensuring that the customer’s privacy is not compromised.

Why use WhatsApp as a service channel?

Make customer service possible on the world’s most preferred channel. With 2 Billion active users monthly, businesses are leveraging WhatsApp to change the way they do customer service.

Easy Ticket Creation via WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become a game-changer platform and you can solve 80% of your business problems by creating support tickets on WhatsApp with ease. It is a medium to walking a step closer towards your customers and providing instant customer service that they are looking for.
WhatsApp allows creating tickets in your agent’s unified interface, allowing them to resolve customer queries instantly.

Send Non-Promotional Notifications

Make your customer’s life easy with automated non-promotional notifications. Get started with WhatsApp and send personalized messages to your customers. Save your agents’ time and automatically push service notifications triggered via third party CRMs.
Sending notification alerts of flight tickets, hotel reservations, ticket status, delivery status, etc. has become easy with a message template. Businesses can create personalized templates and get approval from WhatsApp, making it easy for agents to notify the customers.

Analyze Channel Specific Performance

Track outbound notifications trend and identify the reason for failure with extensive channel-specific reports. Supervisors can draw a pattern through these reports and measure the effectiveness of each template.
Supervisors can keep a check on interactions that are answered in 24-48 hours. They can strategize their resource allocation to avoid SLA breaches and maximize their agents’ productivity.

Miss No Interactions

Route each chat interaction to your agents using an omnichannel interaction routing engine, allowing your agents to respond to these chats via a unified agent desktop.
Supervisors can track live chat interactions and analyze customer’s preferences. Millennials might be more interested in live chat via WhatsApp and it has become the go-to channel for them, whereas, other people might use email as a communication channel. With their preferred channel, businesses can make the best use of channels that brings them more traffic.
Ameyo helped us get on board with WhatsApp Business API and guided us in getting our Official Business Account. WhatsApp API has really helped us engage more effectively with our registered users. Our open rates and read rates shot through the roof and has reached greater than 10x in some instances.




Yes, end-to-end encryption of the message happens between the WhatsApp Business API Client and the end-user. In addition, if you are using HTTPS when making calls to the WhatsApp Business API Client, that data is SSL-encrypted (from your backend client to the WhatsApp Business API Client).
NO! At any given time, you can only have one instance of the WhatsApp Business API Client running for a single phone number. As soon as you register a second instance, your first instance will get kicked off and fail. We are working on a proper solution that will allow you to accomplish this. We will keep you posted on any updates.
No. We encourage all businesses to use WhatsApp as a customer support channel, but if you are also using it to send notifications, you will need to get opt-in via a third-party channel for the notifications you plan to send. The exception here is notifications (message templates) that have the issue_resolution type. Since these are part of the original customer support thread, a business can send notifications of this type outside of the 24-hour customer support window.
No. If a user contacts an enterprise, the enterprise can respond with any type of message in the next 24 hours. This type of message is free. But if the enterprise is contacting a user before the user sends a message or after more than 24 hours have passed, the enterprise can only send a message template. This is a paid notification. Free-form text messages and media messages will not work outside this 24-hour window. They will result in a failure callback with error 470.
Reasons a Message Template might be rejected include: Contains potentially abusive content such as abusive language or spam-like content Contains promotional content Does not match the select tag type Formatted incorrectly.