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AI: Sentiment Analysis

    Unmatched Customer Experience with Sentiment Analysis

    AI and Sentiment Analysis In Contact Center Interactions 

    Contact Center Software for BPO and Outsourcing

    Sentiment analysis is the core of Ameyo's Hybrid AI software, a cutting-edge solution that is developed to improve CX by offering quick resolution to customer queries. Backed by evolving technologies like NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Prediction Model, the platform runs sentimental analysis on textual data to expedite ticketing. 

    It has the ability to pick up human emotions, thus allowing the agent to truly understand a customer's state. Customer service agents can get to the bottom of customer expectation and behavior to-

    • Deliver Personalized Interaction
    • Prioritize Tickets
    • Enhance Overall Call Center Productivity 
    • Promote Pleasant Customer Experience 

    Role of Sentimental Analysis in Call Center Interactions 

    • Heat Map- Call centers that receive a high volume of tickets, heat map analyzes open tickets and assigns a status to them. Agents can identify and prioritize tickets accordingly. 

    • Aggravated Chat Notification - This is an important feature that picks up negative sentiments from an ongoing chat. The system automatically notifies the supervisor who has the option to barge into the conversation and offer quick resolution to the customer query. 

    • Superior Agent Experience - Thanks to features like heat map and aggravated chat notification, agents are empowered to service customers better. Ticket prioritization is easy and there are fewer instances of irate customers. This, in turn, has a positive influence on agent experience. 

    • Better Planning - Sentimental analysis offers intelligent suggestions to both agents and supervisors. Helps them design smater work plan. 

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