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Unified Desktop

Empowering Agents with a Singe View of Customer Interactions

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Single- View Desktop for Contact Center Efficiency

Call Center Systems Technology

Call centers or the new age customer engagement centers are the hub of customer interactions. The call center agents are tasked with the job of handling both, inbound and outbound calls. Having a unified desktop is one of the enabling tools which ensures the operational efficiency of a contact center along with empowering the agents to deliver excellent customer service.

With Ameyo's Unified Desktop, offer call center employees (agents and supervisors) an omnichannel customer view packed with agent insights. Provide the supervisor with all the relevant call center metrics to monitor and train the agents.

Ameyo Unified Desktop Benefits

  • Improving Agent Efficiency:

    Agents get access to all the customer interactions to get a holistic picture. This ensures faster complaint resolution along with a consistently high level of customer service. Agents can also view all the integrated applications in a single view without the need to switch between different tabs.

  • Omnichannel Customer Support:

    Arm your employees to deliver customer support across channels - call, email, chat and much more. Connect to the customers on the channel of their choice. The agent does not need to individually attend to all the different channels of communication.

  • Ease of Use:

    Single login for multiple campaigns. No need to keep on logging in an out of a campaign. This improves agent productivity to serve a number of customer queries. Faster and relevant customer support to have satisfied and loyal customers.

  • Backend Integration:

    Integrate with various applications to pull out the data for better customer service. With customized interactive widgets get all the relevant data from other third-party systems in real-time. The single-view window is populated with the requested information from CRM and internal systems.

  • Reporting and Analytics:

    Manage the tickets efficiently using real-time dashboards and graphs. The supervisor can take faster decisions and distribute the tickets to the available agent. The supervisor can see SLA graph such as First assigned SLA, First response SLA, and Resolve SLA. Improve ticket resolution rate by getting information about the status of the agents in a campaign.

FusionCX is an award winning platform that combines features of Ameyo Omni and Ameyo CX CRM. The platform is built to empower businesses with a fluid customer journey across touchpoints. It offers customer intelligence and advanced case management features to derive customer behavior, powerful insights so as to reach informed business decisions.

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