Provide the agents with a consolidated view of the customer. Channel specific icons for easy understanding of the channel via which the customer has contacted. At the same time, agents can easily respond to an email, call, chat or a social media post/tweet from a single screen itself. Ameyo’s helpdesk software helps the customer support executives to be on top of their game.


Set automation rules for the lifecycle of a ticket using a ticketing system that lets you perform multiple actions upon a ticket. From sending a notification to the agent when a new ticket is created to dropping the customer an acknowledgment and providing the manager channel-wise reports, Ameyo ticketing software can do it all. These reports and corresponding dashboards make decision making faster and more effective.


Give customers the freedom to contact you from any channel. Be it a phone call, email, live chat, social media or WhatsApp - be there for your customers. With Ameyo Fusion CX, never miss an interaction by automatically creating a new ticket for every interaction. Also, the agents can perform various ticketing actions such as picking, merging, splitting, transferring and/or reassigning a ticket to maximize customer satisfaction and optimize helpdesk operations.


Handle critical support tickets first by sorting them based on pre-decided parameters such as status of the ticket, SLA of the ticket, the priority of the ticket, number of unanswered messages and customer’s emotional state, using heat maps. Based on the weightage assigned to these parameters, the heat map will color code the tickets to help the agents to pick the urgent and critical tickets (red-colored) first rather than non-critical ones (yellow or green colored)


Boost your last mile ticket resolution using the Ameyo field agent app by making the tickets available to your field agents on their mobile. With the app, the agents can view the tickets assigned to them, update the status, can view the customer’s comment on the ticket and even get directions to the customer’s location for faster resolution.