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Ameyo Agent Desktop Tools - CRM and CTI

Enhancing Agent Experience to ensure better Customer Experience

Ameyo Agent Desktop

Equipping agents with the right tools and integrations improves their productivity levels and customer satisfaction, reducing cost at the same time. This enables them to seamlessly manage customer interactions across multiple touch-points.

Ameyo Agent Desktop tool enables you to nurture the relationship between your agent and the customer ensuring great customer experience. It is a unified interface that gives agents the information they need and manages every customer interaction. Systems, applications and data are conveniently accessible from the desktop, guiding agents through customer service interactions. Its integration with smart CRM technology ensures a complete view of an individual customer—account history, previous purchases and preceding steps completed in the service inquiry, regardless of which channels were used.

It helps you increase first call resolution, decrease average handle time and reduces cost-per-call, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Enabling Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with the agent’s desktop enables screen pop-ups that allow agents to access customer information in real-time, mapping into a GUI-based interface through the database. CTI enables the agents to provide service faster, cross-sell, and have qualitative interactions.



With Ameyo’s CRM, enterprises can be certain of the agent’s ability to access information and serve customers faster without compromising on service quality. The interface is simple and straightforward and allows easy lead management, tracking, and status updates. The CRM is robust and flexible in terms of operation and deployment. It is also capable of being integrated with any third-party database, CRM, or tool for smooth and seamless functioning.
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) allows for screen-pops with customer information available to agent prior to the call connection with the customer. The CRM lists all relevant fields to the agent so that the customer can be serviced in the fastest time possible. The workbench also allows the user to transfer the call to another party, put the caller on hold, and dispose the call accordingly.