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Ameyo Self-Service IVR

Deploy Self-Service Applications (IVR) to Optimize Operational Efficiency and Enhance Customer Experience

Self-service IVR

Customer engagement has transformed traditional self-service applications and assisted service been offered for a single customer touch-point (voice, web, mobile, and social) to omnichannel self-service applications. Ameyo Interactive Voice Response Systems provide effective self-service application and intelligent call routing functionality. Self-service applications deployed for specific touch-points are inconsistent and self-directed, and quite often direct customers to random journey of assistance. 

Ameyo omnichannel self-service approach delights customers while driving better business outcomes, more sales, better customer experience, and minimizing operational costs. Omnichannel self-service seamlessly connects multiple channels of communication, enhancing the customer experience across service delivery, by presenting customer context in his/her choice of channel from the assistance of other touch-points. This guarantees that self-service assistance is consistent across all channels producing positive experience. Ameyo IVR system enables businesses to cost-effectively deliver personalized communications to customers (announcements, surveys, polls, reminders, alerts, etc.), creating engaging outbound campaigns without the assistance of agents if necessary.  

Ideal for customer service, inbound and outbound campaigns, Ameyo IVR can be customizable to business needs and requirements. The interactive voice response platform is also equipped with industry-specific IVR flows making it easy for organizations to deploy the IVR platform with ease.


Ameyo Hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution comprises of an IVRS installed on a hosted platform allowing businesses to access the application through the web. This enables the organization to function customer servicing after office hours, thereby bringing in a enterprise level standards of business communication.

Agent-assisted IVR maximized the performance of self-service applications by seamlessly bridging an agent when the application encounters an issue. Instead of dealing with callers being frustrated with speech recognition errors and complex workflows, Agent-assisted IVR system allows an agent to quickly evaluate the situation and direct the automated service to meet the callers need, without the caller being aware that an agent is involved.