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Self-Service IVR SYSTEM

Self-Service Interactive Voice Response System to Optimize Operational Efficiency and Improve Customer Experience

Self-service IVR

Modern technology has changed the way customers engage with businesses - moving from traditional phone-based customer support to Intelligent Self-Service IVR Systems that offer round-the-clock assistance on all customer touchpoints (voice, web, mobile, and social).

Intelligent Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems, also called auto attendant or virtual receptionist, allows businesses to service high call volumes at a lower cost. It can identify & segment callers, and resolve their query without transferring to a live agent. Calls are transferred to live agents only when the caller is unable to find the information they require, helping  call center agents be more productive & effective by giving them more time to deal with complex interactions. 

Most IVR systems deployed for multiple touch-points are confusing and end up routing the call to unskilled customer service agents.  To increase IVR performance, businesses implement intelligent call routing to direct customers to the most skilled agent available. 

Ameyo's Omnichannel Self-Service IVR delights customers while driving better business outcomes, more sales, better customer experience, and minimizing operational costs. Omnichannel self-service seamlessly connects all customer communication channels, enhancing customer service experience  by taking the customer journey into account. This guarantees that self-service assistance is consistent across all channels, resulting in a positive customer experience.

Ameyo's IVR system also enables businesses to cost-effectively deliver personalized communications to customers (announcements, surveys, polls, reminders, alerts, etc.), and creates engaging outbound campaigns without the need for manual intervention.  Ideal for customer service, inbound and outbound campaigns, it can be customed to specific business needs and requirements. The Interactive Voice Response Platform is also equipped with industry-specific IVR work flows, making it easy to deploy the platform with ease.


Ameyo Hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution comprises of an IVR System installed on a hosted software platform that allows businesses to access the IVR application on the internet. This enables the organization to deliver 24/7 customer service, even after office hours!  Having a hosted IVR System to is the best way for enterprises to gain loyalty and improve satisfaction.

Agent-assisted IVR maximized the performance of Self-Service IVR applications by seamlessly bridging an agent when the application encounters an issue. Instead of dealing with callers being frustrated with speech recognition errors or complex workflows, Agent-assisted IVR systems allows agents to quickly evaluate the situation and direct the automated customer service system to solve the callers need, without the caller knowing that an agent is involved.