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    Provide the True Omnichannel Customer Experience your Customers have Always been Seeking

    Ameyo Omnichannel Customer Experience

    The new breed of customers traverse multiple channels of communications in seek of answers to their queries, and expect consistent and intuitive experience across these multiple channels- voice, SMS, web, email, social, chat and fax. As a Customer Engagement Hub, Ameyo provides omni-channel capabilities that allows you to effectively manage customer interactions over any communication channel your customer chooses to interact. Ameyo CEH breaks down the silos that will transform your “multi-channel” customer service into “True Omnichannel Customer Experience”.

    With Ameyo, customer context is continuously maintained and updated, across transfer between different agents and service escalations enabling seamless conversations and a better experience throughout customer journey.

    With Ameyo’s omni-channel capabilities, you are allowed to transfer customer interactions to lower cost channels viz self-service channel of their choice freeing up your agents to dedicate their efforts to resolving more complex customer issues. The True Omnichannel Customer Experience offers cost efficiencies,  faster resolution of issues, and reduced customer frustrations.


    Ameyo OmniQueue - Universal Queue, is a unified omnichannel platform for handling, reporting, routing, recording, monitoring, and management of customer interactions from multiple communication channels (Voice, Chat, Email, Web, SMS and Social Media) in the organization.
    Ameyo's chat capabilities enable real-time interaction between agents and customers. The customer can request for a chat session and the agents can automatically retrieve information from a knowledge base to quickly respond to customer inquiries. Agents can have multiple chat sessions simultaneously, thus minimizing their idle time