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Ameyo Reporting & Analytics

Tune Customer and Employee Experience by Gaining Actionable Insights on Contact Center Performance

Contact Center Reporting and Analytics

Ameyo Reporting and Analytics tool help organizations in delivering customer services as promised, by keeping track of contact center operations and agent performance. Ameyo allows you access to key performance indicators and real-time statistical data to better manage your contact center and optimize agent performance. It gives you the power to synthesize large amounts of data to process valuable insights on customer interactions, that can radically improve customer experience and enhance agent performance and satisfaction.

Through a web-based interface, managers are provided with real-time statistical information on contact center performance. They are allowed to customize the business dashboard to suit their needs by altering the statistics to be displayed on the dashboard. Utilizing graphical formats, performance information can be displayed in an informative and intuitive representation.


Ameyo Wallboard provides contact centers with a bird’s eye view of entire operations to help them proactively manage customer demand against agent performance using the Wallboard tool.  Instant access to the key metrics drive improvements in operations enabling the team to meet the customer care standards. Data can be filtered to suit the needs of the business enabling supervisors to review the real-time and threshold-driven data.



Ameyo Reports

Ameyo Reports enables contact centers to access and manage information in the most adept manner. The tool empowers the user with custom reports generation by extracting information from any integrated database source. The web-based interface allows managers and administrators of a business entity to not only access reports from anywhere, but also to constantly innovate using different parameters to achieve operational efficiency.