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Prioritize tickets to never lose any

Automate the distribution and assignment of tickets based on your defined parameters to make sure you do not miss out on any ticket. The ticket can be prioritized in various ways – the subject of the ticket or the channel through which the customer has arrived. Thus, making sure that your SLAs are never violated and urgent tickets are resolved faster.


Automating Ticket Distribution

Intelligently route the customers to the right queue on both active and passive channels such as voice, chat or email. Using skill-based routing, the customers will be connected to the subject matter expert, ensuring first call resolution with helpdesk automation. Additionally, analyze the important keywords in the subject or body of the ticket to further simplify the routing of tickets to the right team.

Faster Action with Automation Rules

Define rules to trigger actions based on a number of events or time elapsed since an event occurred. Additionally automatically send escalation notification to the manager alerting them of a possible SLA breach along with informing the customer of a possible delay to ensure customers are in the loop throughout the journey of their ticket.

Be Smart about sorting Tickets

Make use of heat maps to smartly sort the tickets according to pre-decided factors which are relevant for your customer service process. Based upon the severity (color) of the heat index, the agents can easily decipher which tickets need their immediate attention. That will ensure that a high priority ticket is resolved first.

Know the Voice of Customer

Get a cumulative feedback of the customer from across the channels such as via an IVR, email, chat or through their social media posts. The voice of customer (VoC) will tell you what do the customers think about your brand and services. Knowledge of feedback score and sentiment analysis of previous interactions will better prepare the agents to handle customer queries effectively.


Maintain Ticket Context

With help desk Software the admin can configure the rules to automatically merge different tickets with the same context to reduce agent’s efforts thereby, allowing them to focus on other important tasks at hand. Since the tickets will be merged automatically through helpdesk automation, but, at the same time preserving the context thus, eliminating the possibility of human error.



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