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Call Center Software for the Education Sector
Unleash the Power of Customer Experience in Education

Ameyo for Education

Contact Center Software for Education

With an increase in the number of competitors and demand tending to move downwards, its crucial for colleges and universities to focus on their academic performance along with providing superior service levels to both parents and students. Educational institutions must leverage technology to the core to have productive interactions with the students and parents and build a better future for the students.It is not just the education but the overall academic and learning experience that matters to get that competitive edge.

A cost-effective IT solution will enable you to automate the processes of students admission, aiding students and parents during emergency, providing easier access to course material and different schedules through multi-channel communication mediums.


Ameyo Offers

  • Omni-channel engagement facility to interact with the students and parents on their preferred channels.

  • Automation of outbound communication such as sending alerts to parents or students when registration deadlines are approaching or reminders for fee submission,  by using smart technological tools which includes predictive dialers and Voice Blasters.

  • Easy integration with intelligent CRM systems to keep a track of all your student information and maintaining all important customer records.

  • Intelligent routing system to ensure that the inbound queries are handled by the best possible resource based on the particular customer’s requirements.

  • Workforce optimization to measure and improve staff’s performance along with consistent monitoring facilities.