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Customer Experience Solution for Healthcare


Today, every person expects top-notch customer service and after-sales support. This is further true for healthcare establishments. According to a Deloitte report, telemedicine will attract 7 million patients by 2018. With the growing relevance of virtual healthcare, improving patient experience, integrating various medical services and streamlining processes will be a top priority for hospitals in the coming years.

Be it via phone calls, webmails, social media, IM, chatbots or text, customer service agents at hospitals should be able to communicate with the patients and their family member in the most fluid manner.

In short, there is a growing need to leverage CX technology and adopt a customer experience platform that improves buyer's journey. 

3 Primary Concerns for Healthcare Organizations-

  • Poor Call Connect Rate: Reaching out to the customers as well as high call abandonment rates
  • Agent Productivity - Higher agent response time
  • Keeping pace with multi-channel customer demands: Appointment booking/cancellation, handling complaints

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AMEYO helped ParkwayHealth improve their operational efficiency by providing the best-in-class, complete CIM solution.

Ameyo's Solution

  • Omni-Channel Solution - A comprehensive Omni-channel solution offering support via email, phone, text, chat, social etc. in a consistent and coherent manner to drive superior customer experience (CX)
  • Effective Case Management- The ability to create, manage and prioritize case tickets from first contact right to patient discharge, follow-up, and aftercare.
  • Query Based Service- Routing the patients/attendants queries to the most relevant agent. Example, attendant calling for insurance and finance related questions will be diverted to agents who hand such requests. 
  • Unified Access- Single view access across all channels. Integrated screen pop-up to get information about a patient.