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Solution - Insurance

Customer Experience Solution for

Insurance industry is a strong pillar of a growing economy. The world is going digital, so should the insurance and other financial institutions. With such a huge customer base, it becomes even more important to provide high levels of customer service. The customer interactions in the insurance companies are sensitive as they are dealing with a very emotional and sensitive situation. There has to be a sense of duty and commitment since most customers reach out to their insurer only at the time of distress. It requires a sophisticated customer interaction software which stores, processes and analyzes the data to enable personalized customer support.

4 Primary Concerns for Insurance Companies-

      • Claims Processing - Handling customer claims request for reimbursement
      • Improving Digital Sales - New customer acquisition/ cross-sell or upsell opportunities
      • Premium Reminders & Collections - Managing premium reminders and collections
      • Offering Superior Customer Experience - Improving the customer experience across customer lifecycle

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Ameyo's Solution

  • Customer Acquisition Through Artificially Intelligent Chatbot - Artificial intelligence (AI) enabled Chatbots are capable of churning huge amounts of data without any agent interference. It reduces wait time and improves the customer experience

  • Improving Collection System - Improving call connect and coverage rates with intelligent outbound PACE/automation rules. Using auto-dialer to make calls using historical data of customer interactions

  • Advanced Reporting & Monitoring - Get access to advanced analytics & dashboards. Create customized dashboards and track business KPIs that matter. Monitor and train the employees to perform better.

  • Tracking Customer Journey to Improve CX - Integrate customized, real-time data from multi-channel to a unified dashboard. Ramp up agent’s productivity by providing access to pre-recorded calls, inquiries and other prospect activities.


Ameyo Fusion CX, built on the foundation of the 3 Pillars of CX, solves this problem by delivering a robust customer experience platform that streamlines all processes related to debt collection, trading desks, and customer relationship management. It empowers the agent to do more with the information at hand and build everlasting relationships with the customer.