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Contact centre Solutions - Telecommunications 

Improve Customer Engagement and Staff Efficiency

Ameyo for Telecommunications

Call Center Technology for Telecommunications

Telecom industry compared to other industries suffer from lower customer engagement scores and have a higher incidence of customer issues and concerns. What it needs is to deliver exceptional and drastically improved level of customer experience. Because it is only with customer experience, companies can stand apart from competition and turn customers into public advocates. Or else, customers will switch to the competitors leading to churn and reduced revenues.

Ameyo’s comprehensive customer engagement suite allows you to deliver consistent customer experience across channels that too in a cost-effective and efficient manner. It enables you to fulfill the expectations of the customers, increasing their loyalty with each interaction. Our solution promises a robust IT infrastructure that allows for scalability and extensibility whenever required. 

Ameyo Offers

  • Omni-channel customer engagement facility to interact with the customers on their preferred channels.

  • Automation of outbound and inbound campaigns by using smart technological tools which includes predictive dialers, IVRs and Voice Blasters. 

  • Easy integration with intelligent CRM systems to keep a track of all your customer information and maintaining all important customer records.

  • Intelligent routing system to ensure that the inbound queries are handled by the best possible resource based on the particular customer’s requirements.  

  • Workforce optimization to measure and improve employee’s performance along with consistent monitoring facilities.