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    Dial 108 in Emergency
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    Why Ameyo for Your Healthcare Contact Center?

    Work from Anywhere Solutions

    Work from Anywhere Solutions

    Ameyo’s omnichannel customer engagement platform is built for a ‘work from anywhere’ setup that allows the healthcare brands to work from any device, any browser, and any location. It provides the flexibility to hire a diverse workforce and streamline communication processes across all departments while establishing enterprise-grade security.

    Efficient Integration Capabilities

    Efficient Integration Capabilities

    Ameyo’s healthcare contact center solution is easy to integrate with an in-house or third-party CRM. While allowing the healthcare agents to preserve the context of the conversation, it increases their productivity. It offers hassle-free CTI integration with enterprise CRMs- Zendesk, Freshdesk Mint, LeadSqaured, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar, Kapture, and FreshSales.

    Connect with Patients on Their Preferred Channels

    Connect with Patients on their Preferred Channels

    It lets your patients choose their preferred channel to engage with you for booking appointments, making payments, opting for consultation reminders, and more. Healthcare call center solutions also enable you to track historical or past interactions with the patients across touchpoints like Voice Call, Video Chat, Social Media, Voice Bot, and Chatbot to preserve conversations’ context.

    Enterprise-grade Security

    Enterprise-grade Security

    Ameyo is PCI DSS compliant with certified public cloud environments across India, APAC, Africa & ME. In addition to being PCI DSS compliant, Ameyo is also ISO 27001 & ISO 27018 certified. Ameyo follows a detailed product development, delivery, certification, and implementation process, including end-to-end internal testing, periodic VAPT certification with an independent IT Security Agency, and adherence to CVSS.

    Trusted by Leaders Globally

    Trusted by Leaders Globally

    2,000+ brands across 21 verticals have trusted Ameyo in 60+ countries, including marquee brands like Apollo Health & Lifestyle, DocsApp, Fortis, Parkway Health Laboratory, BYJU’S, Dalex Finance, Spice Money, Boutiqaat, Ola, Swiggy, HDFC ERGO, etc.

    Deliver Superior Patient Experience with Ameyo Fusion CX

    Create an Experience that Patients Remember for Good

    Scheduling Doctor’s Appointment

    Scheduling Doctor’s Appointment Made Easy with Omnichannel Interactions

    Patients expect ease to interact with doctors and book appointments on their preferred channels. Get your patients the comfort of all digital channels with Healthcare Contact Center Software.

  • Easier Appointment Booking via WhatsApp Business API: Let customers schedule an appointment, access their reports, medical prescriptions, and get booking confirmations on their most preferred channel
  • Provide Ease of Report Collection: Allow the customers to collect their reports remotely via multiple channels like chat, email, social media, and mobile app and ensure to send e-reports through their preferred channel
  • Drive Contextual Conversations: Integrate your appointment booking system with healthcare contact center software. This allows the agents to access the customer information in an integrated platform and thus allows you to provide contextual customer service to the patients, even while working remotely
  • Explore Omnichannel Solution>>

    Sending Out Reminders and Confirmations on Call

    Sending Out Reminders and Confirmations on Call

    Patients seek proactive support from your agents and a timely reminder including appointment confirmations, reminders on follow-up meetings, recommendations on exciting offers and more can turn your patients into your loyal customers.

  • Send Alerts & Notifications: Let your customers be reminded of an upcoming appointment with event-based triggers to ensure that your customers don’t miss any consultation
  • Share Appointment Status: Once the patients have booked an appointment, they expect to be informed about the confirmation status and pre-requisites of visiting the doctor or consulting online
  • Ensure Customer Satisfaction: Capturing customer’s feedback is important to understand customer’s expectations and meeting their requirements. For instance, when your patients order medicines in urgency, ensure that they are delivered with the right medicines
  • Increase Call Connects: Automate the calling operations with the dialer software for the outbound call center to increase the call connectivity. You can provide exciting offers to your customers for multiple lab tests and update them on regular health tips on call
  • Get all Patients’ Information in One Place

    Get all Patients’ Information in One Place

    Patients expect a quick response from the contact center agents. Let your agents be proactive with UAD and address each patient’s query faster

  • Access patient information in a single screen: Arm your agents with quick access to patient information such as their medical history, prescriptions to provide assistance within unified agent desktop without any delay in the service
  • Understand customer’s sentiments: While looking into their medical history and previous interactions, you can easily analyze their emotions and prioritize the patients to avoid any escalations
  • Get hold of Knowledge Base: You can answer all your customer’s queries quickly in real-time with an effective knowledge base. This allows faster redressal of any query with the right solution
  • Efficient Reporting & Monitoring

    Efficient Reporting & Monitoring

    With the reporting and monitoring tools, you can easily check the flow of each campaign and keep track of all patient-related information through statistical analysis.

  • Stay on top of each campaign’s productivity: Analyze the efficiency of each agent and monitor the thresholds like SLA breach in each campaign. Ensure that all patients’ requirements are fulfilled in a timely manner
  • Schedule a periodic report: Get a timely report for different metrics like analyzing the effectiveness of each channel. With social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter becoming the first choice of many patients, you can choose to solve first-level queries with ease
  • Explore Reporting & Dashboard>>

    Personalize Patient Experience

    Personalize Patient Experience

    Each patient has a unique requirement and so is their journey to better health. To provide them with a seamless patient journey you need to:

    • Integrate your healthcare contact center software with a CRM to never lose a single interaction with the patients
    • Use a voice bot or chatbot to resolve first-level queries like appointment booking, information about medical reports, and more
    • Automate workflows to guide customers for post-discharge follow-ups and send out health tips, reminding them that you care for their health
    • Understand patients’ emotions with sentiment analysis and gauge in to deliver an improved customer experience

    Explore CRM Integration>>

    Powerful Features to Boost your Healthcare Contact Center

    Unified Agent Desktop
    Omnichannel Capabilities
    Live Monitoring
    Flexible CRM Integration
    Automated Routing
    IVR System
    Ticket Prioritization
    Inbound & Outbound Calling
    Inbound & Outbound Calling
    seamless Bot to Agent Transfer
    Seamless Bot to Agent Transfer
    self service portal
    Self Service Portal
    reports and dashboard
    Reports & Dashboards
    Enterprise-grade Security
    Call Monitoring
    Call Quality Monitoring
    non office hours configuration
    Non-office Hours Configuration
    auto dialer
    Auto Dialer
    number masking
    Number Masking
    Callback Management
    Callback Management
    bot integration
    Bot Integration
    sla management
    SLA Management


    “Ameyo helped us dramatically increase our outbound call connect rates to 70-75%”

    Rohin George

    Customer Service Manager, DocsApp

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    Dial 108 in Emergency

    Learn how an emergency ambulance service provider managed to handle 3000+ inbound calls with Ameyo

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A health care call center helps all the patients find the best solution for their problems. During an urgent need, patients can get an appointment with the doctor over a call. Patients can interact with health care call center agents for any health-related query.


    You can set a medical call center in one of the following ways:

  • On-Premise Call Center
  • On-Cloud Call Center
  • i) Private Cloud
    ii) Public Cloud
    iii)Hybrid Cloud


    The best healthcare call center software is one that has:

  • ACD
  • Robust IVR
  • Omnichannel Support
  • Ticketing System
  • CTI Integration
  • Reporting & Dashboard
  • Watermark

    Benefits of Medical Call Center Software are:

  • Ease of appointment booking
  • Maintaining patients’ reports
  • Improved patient engagement
  • Improves engagement and follow-up efficacy
  • Awareness of health tips
  • Sending reminders/confirmations for appointment
  • Easing patients’ journey
  • Watermark

    To improve the patient experience or customer experience, you need to streamline their journey right from the beginning till the time they are satisfied with the service. With an omnichannel contact center software for healthcare, you can increase business efficiency and improve customer experience.

  • Provide the solution that your patients need, automate first-level queries by introducing chatbots and voice bots
  • Make it easy for patients to access their reports via their preferred channels
  • Send them timely reminders of repeat consultations
  • Guide them through their journey with regular health tips
  • Deliver a personalized customer experience by keeping track of previous interactions
  • Watermark