Ameyo and Exotel Announce Merger

Integrated Group Amper

Country: Egypt

Ameyo partners with IGA

Integrated Group Amper

Ameyo’s partner with Integrated Group Amper to provide customer engagement solutions in Egypt

Integrated Group Amper | IGA is a company specialized in telecommunication solutions. They are in the field starting in 1984 but they work actually under this name since 1995.

Their main target is to build strong and efficient solutions which adapt to the customer needs, as a complete, effective, and long-term investment. Their main and professional activities cover a wide range of Integrated Voice and Information systems but our specialized during last 10 years in the Call Centers Solutions.

They can introduce their experience to assist our clients simply to improve the efficiency of the existing integrated information and communication systems and related applications. They have a strong partners list that covers a wide range of activities, especially in the private sector.