Single View of Customer

Single View of Customer

Get interaction context of customer with all-inclusive customer view

One Stop For Customer Data

Store customer information in CRM view and make it accessible for agents, supervisor, and administrator. Agents can easily get a hold of contextual information and conversation history through customer data and be equipped with a better response for next interaction.


Track Missed Interactions

Filter missed interactions with your customers and resolve them with Customer help desk software. Track customer’s query across channels and provide a personalized experience to them by fetching the context of the missed conversation.

Customer Interaction Journey

Understand the path that your customer is taking to reach you and respond to the conversations on their preferred channels. View all (open as well as closed) past interactions of a customer across channels.


Real-Time CRM Updation

Update customer information in third party CRM or existing CRM in real time to increase the efficiency of agents. Reduce the conversation handling time and access the saved information to enhance the productivity.

Reply via Multiple Media

Reply to any interaction using email, chat, call with a single click. No matter where your customer is coming from, you can reply to them via any channel through a single screen.


Handbook to Effectively Use WhatsApp for Customer Service

Manage Interactions with Omnichannel Contact Center



Respond faster to emails via automatically generated interactions and delight your customers with quick response.



Manage inbound and outbound calling to make each interaction count. Get contextual data of each conversation with live recording.



Use Web Chat, In-App Chat and Chat Messenger to initiate and receive interactions from your customers.

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