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Ameyo Chat solution & integrations

Proactive, efficient and cost effective online chat support to interact with real-time leads

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Ameyo Live Chat Software

    What is Live Chat Software?

    Nothing makes a customer more happy than a personalized and proactive hand of help. A live chat software allows businesses to reach out to customers browsing through the home or support page of a website. It enables customer service agents to help customers in real-time. It is cost effective and more efficient than emails to handle customer interaction. 

    Businesses need to provide optimal customer service across all channels simultaneously to sustain in this competitive era. Online chat support has emerged as a successful tool for a company that thrives on providing excellent customer experience. Ameyo Chat can be used to cross­-sell or up-sell while minimizing operational costs.

    Usher Interactions from Different Channels

    Web Chat

    Web Chat

    Initiate and receive chat on the portal in real-time. Improve query handling time by offering requisite information to customers quickly. Grow sales and revenue by initiating chat and reducing cart abandonment. 

    In-App Chat

    In-App Chat

    Businesses that have a dedicated mobile app can initiate customer interaction with the assistance of live-chat widget within the app. In-app chat support is significant for offering consistent customer experience.

    Chat Messenger

    Chat Messenger

    Start conversation with customers on the messaging app they prefer. Ameyo Live Chat software is compatible with popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, Viber, Twitter and many more. 


    Learn all about how to enable modern contact center routing with a dynamic interaction routing framework.

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    Initiate Chat Proactively

    Don't wait for the customer to ask questions. Live chat software enable real-­time interaction between agents and customers. Agents can quickly initiate chat with the customers browsing through product page to trigger sales. Be proactive throughout the buyer's journey. Increase the possibility of purchase by engaging with and helping the customers at the decision stage. Customers appreciate when a brand is sensitive to their needs and offers help without even asking.

    Attend Requests Efficiently 

    Chat support and messages that allow agents to engage with customers via website, mobile apps and other chat platforms such as Facebook Messenger,  Twitter and LINE. The agents are able to handle customer requests through the platform of the customer's choice. The customer can request for a chat session and the agents can automatically retrieve information from a knowledge base to quickly respond to customer inquiries.

    Handle Multiple Interactions

    A unified desktop with multi-chat support. Moreover, the customer support is not limited to only the chat platforms. Without toggling between screens, the agents can interact with customers coming in from multiple channels. The chat software allows the agents to attend multiple chats simultaneously. This helps in improving agent productivity and customers feel happy and satisfied due to less wait time.  


    “We wanted to work with someone who were very flexible to our requirement, who would do a lot of customization as our organization progressed. Ameyo understood our business well and programmed the call flow and and the telephony. They hand holded the settling down period, especially in the first one month after installation, I think it’s incredible.”

    Sharmistha Majumdar,

    General Manager, Customer Service - Startrek Logistic Pvt. Ltd.

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    AMEYO Chat Software Features



    Enables supervisors to monitor all chat interaction in real-time. Live data monitoring enables the day to day analysis of agent performance and customer experience. 



    For historical data and long term analysis, a robust reporting system is crucial. Ameyo Live chat support allows supervisor to generate quick report to measure KPI and customer needs. 

    Internal Chat

    Internal Chat

    With this feature, agents and supervisors will be able to chat with one another for better collaboration. Supervisors can also broadcast the messages which can be viewed by all logged in agents.

    Chat SDK

    Mobile Chat SDK

    Integrate Ameyo chat capabilities into your own native app. Available for iOS & Android operating systems.

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    What are the benefits of live chat support?

    The ability to offer real-time customer support is one of the biggest benefits of live chat support. In addition to that, it is cost effective and proactive way to initiate customer interaction that enables enterprises to develop deep-customer relationship.

    Is live chat software customizable?

    Yes, live chat software is highly customizable. With web SDK, the live chat widget, chat window can be tweaked to suit business requirements.

    How does live chat support work?

    Through live chat support, customers can send out instant message to agents. Similarly, agents can carry out fluid conversation to customers visiting the website, mobile app or a third party chat messenger.

    What is the meaning of proactive chat?

    Proactive chat is a specific feature of the application through which agents can invite the website visitor for a chat. Depending upon the browsing pattern, customer behavior, age and location such invitations can be initiated.

    Can live chat software integrated with CRM?

    Yes, Ameyo live chat supports popular CRM platforms namely Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, LeadSquared, Zendesk, Freshdesk and Zoho.

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