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Predictive Dialer - Connect More, Connect Better

Automated Dialer that Eliminates Manual Intervention 


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    Predictive Dialer For a Call Center

    Predictive dialer is an integral component of proactive outbound call center solution. For all outbound calling scenarios where agents are required to dial hundreds of calls daily, a predictive dialer software automates the process of dialing numbers from an exhaustive contact list. Contact center agents can connect to more live calls as the system eliminates delays caused from call waiting, redialing, no-answer , disconnections etc. The auto dialer solution ensures maximum agent utilization and can even detect SIT tones, busy tone and answering machine before transfering the call to the next available agent. 

    As agents don't have to manually punch the numbers, all instance of misdialing and error is conveniently waived off. Predictive dialer is a type of call center dialer that keeps into account agent availability and operates on customized dialing algorithms.

    Benefits of Predictive Dialer For Outbound Call Center

    Predictive dialing provides multiple benefits for effective call center operations. Contact center agents are empowered by enhanced productivity and efficiency in call outreach. In addition to reducing the manual calling efforts, it brings intelligence to automated outbound calling process.


    Intelligent Call Assignment 

    Based on preset parameters like the number of agents available, the number of operational lines and average time an agent spends on a call, predictive dialer algorithms calculates exactly when it should make the next call and assign to the available agent.


    Boost Agent Productivity 

    Predictive dialing increases the efficiency of contact center agents. With predictive dialer software, agents can make more calls in the same span as compared to making calls manually.  Increased productivity leads to increased sales and ultimately more revenue.

    More Call Connects

    More Call Connects

    Predictive dialing system can learn from the historical call patterns and incorporate changes in its call structure without any human intervention. The Intelligent algorithm could result in an exponential increase of more than 300- 350% compared to manual dialing.

    Reduce Idle Time

    Reduced Idle Time

    The outbound call center agents would no longer have to waste their time to wait while the call is connected, to face answering machines, no answers or busy tones. With an effective predictive dialer in place, the agents can spend more time on a live calls.


    Blended Campaigns 

    Predictive dialer facilitates blended campaigns, allowing supervisor to run outbound and inbound campaigns simultaneously. For a call center which deals with both outbound sales and inbound customer service, it can help processing call back options in tandem.

    Effective Reporting

    Effective Reporting

    The predictive dialer segregates the numbers into different categories- busy, unanswered etc. The agents and supervisors don't have to manually keep the record such information, thus improving reporting and eliminating score of errors. 

    Jordan Ahli Bank


    Learn how Jordan Ahli Bank, improved outbound campaign management with Predictive Dialer.

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    Breznitar Bhesania,

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    How Ameyo Predictive Dialer Software Works?

    Predictive dialer is highly customizable auto dialing solution that works on intelligent algorithms to maximize call center performance and business output.


    Maximum Call Count

    Maximum call count (MCC) allows the setting of maximum calls a dialer can connect. If, the MCC is set at 100, the dialer will only dial out that specific number of calls. Based on the historical data like agent wrap time of the call, connect rate etc. supervisor/admin can decide on MCC.

    Max Pacing Count

    Max Pacing Count

    From this setting, maximum call per agent can be predefined. The ratio of 1:5 means that the dialer will only dial up to 5 calls per agent and will not exceed that limit. This calling algorithm is implemented to reduce call drop ratio. 

    Call Drop Ratio

    Call Drop Ratio

    The call drop ratio defines the maximum percentage of call drops allowed, out of the total number of outgoing calls. This is a controlling factor to reduce call drop caused due to non availability of agents. 

    Agent Wait Time

    Agent Wait Time

    With this setting, the time gap between the agent wrapping up an ongoing call and fresh call can be set. The feature keeps agent idle time in check.


    Variance Factor

    This paramater indicates the dialer, by how much it can vary from other pre-defined parameters, in particularly max pacing ratio.


    Answering Machine Detection

    AMD is based on a proprietary Ameyo technology that relies on voice frequency and probability to detect answering machine.The dialer only transfers those calls to the agent that are answered by humans.  

    A Predictive Dialer that Assures 99% Up-time