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Progressive Dialer : Increase Call-Connect Ratio

    Minimises Agent Involvement in the Dialling Process and Improves Call-handling Efficiency.


    Progressive dialling offers similar productivity to predictive dialling whilst removing the risk of abandoned/silent calls. In this mode, the number is not dialed unless there is an agent available. Once the call is connected, information about the call is presented to them. Calls that do not result in ‘ringing’ are automatically and immediately disconnected.  This removes the wait time between calls and can improve agent productivity significantly. Progressive Dialer is ideal where the calls are very similar in nature and only dials when an agent becomes available.

    Benefits of Progressive Dialer for Call Center

    • Maximize business outcomes by increasing contact rates
    • Avoid busy signals, answering machines, and disconnected numbers
    • Limit call drops by dialing only when your agents become available
    • Saves agent’s time and improve productivity


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