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Ameyo Synthesizer

Design and Re-engineer Business Rules, Routing Strategies and Interaction Workflows 

Ameyo Workflow Designer

The Ameyo Synthesizer is a workflow designing platform that facilitates faster and easy application development and the creation of multifarious Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The Ameyo Synthesizer is a GUI- based tool for not only developing IVR applications, but also extended communication applications for use in Intelligent Networks of large enterprises and telecom companies.

The solution has an inbuilt support of advanced application interfaces like web-services or IN API. Adding to the USP of Ameyo Synthesizer is its Modular design that enables creation of independent IVR templates that can be a part of the main IVR call flows. Any changes in this template would automatically reflect in the IVRs where this has been included. This type of design is a mandate for the intricate network of IVRs found in customer service infrastructure of a large enterprise like telcos.

In telecom companies the IT Infrastructure is built in pieces. It evolves over time and multiple applications are added as per requirement. Telecom service providers have an array of customer services for which they deploy independent yet integrated IVR solutions often from multiple vendors on requirement basis. These are basically switching and extended IVR applications. This gives rise to complexity in maintenance of the IT infrastructure as well as creates gaps for latency to seep in.

AMEYO envisions a cost- effective unified development platform that not just simplifies the process but also reduces the mammoth effort in maintenance of a scattered and varied infrastructure.

Key Benefits

  • Hassle-free execution of complex business processes
  • Enables Database Connectivity, Scheduled Call-backs
  • Equipped with Answering Machine Detection (AMD) capability
  • Enables the transfer of calls to particular DID