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Call Center Software Platform

Modernize your call center & craft a new world of customer engagement

    Call Center Solutions

    Businesses today are stressing on innovative strategies to define the level of customer experience. More automation and control of processes is becoming the need of the hour for most businesses.

    Improving business efficiency and achieving your company's true potential via technology and process innovation has prompted enterprises to adopt different kinds of tools. We define Ameyo as an advanced automation software that helps all types of businesses manage their customer interactions effectively.

    Ameyo is an all-in-one communication suite for Contact Centers and Enterprises offering next-generation information and communications management capabilities including ACD, IP-PBX, CTI, IVR, Predictive dialer, Voice Logger, Unified Presence, Call Center Management Software, Sales Management, Customer Care, and Reporting Analytics. The SOA and MDA-based platform allows easy creation of new capabilities for communications-centric enterprises as they grow and scale with respect to their process and workflow requirements.


    Ameyo call center software offers complete inbound and outbound capabilities including Predictive Dialer, ACD & IVR system, Voice Logger and pre-integrated database, CRM, and reporting capabilities. Some other capabilities that Ameyo adds to your business infrastructure include:

    Ameyo provides communications solutions for contact centers and enterprises of different types and sizes. The innovative and adaptive technology platform - Ameyo - offers redundancy, multi-tenancy, extensibility, and rapid development of new features of call center management software for faster turnaround times.

    Solutions based on the Ameyo platform are comprehensive, yet flexible enough to meet the ever-evolving requirements of most contact centers and business enterprises. They are the ideal software solution for any kind of contact center or enterprise irrespective of size, technology (TDM or VoIP), nature of operations, or workforce distribution.