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What is Voice logger

Voice Logger - Call Recording Solution

Voice Logger is a comprehensive tool for customer interaction management. It records interactions between contact center agents, supervisors, and managers on one hand and prospects, leads, or customers on the other. Any sophisticated communication system requires a good voice logger for the following reasons-

  • Quality Control
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Sales Training
  • Performance management
  • Compliance



Ameyo’s voice logging solution is best suited for organizations with a futuristic view and looking for customization. Data collected through our flexible call recording solution is further used for quality and performance assessment purposes. This customer interaction management will ensure better quality of service and higher customer satisfaction.

 AMEYO Offers

  • Automation- Record all conversations and keep a track of inbound and outbound interactions for quality control and performance review
  • Efficiency- Swiftly search through voice records without wasting time
  • Secure- Security features to ensure only authorized personnel have access to voice logs
  • Storage Capacity- Huge storage capacity to save data even in multiple formats to enable compliance
  • Online Access- To voice logs with comprehensive reporting facility

Designed to work seamlessly with Predictive Dialer, Agent Assisted IVR (Interactive Voice Response), and ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) solution, it is perfect for contact centers or enterprises that need an end-to­ -end solution, or just a standalone call recording solution that can be integrated with their current setup. AMEYO Voice Logger pre-­compresses the voice logs to lower storage requirements, and also archives earmarked or old calls.