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Modernize your contact center with Ameyo Proactive Outbound Dialer

Deliver optimized campaigns across multiple channels orchestrating end-to-end customer communications

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What is an Outbound Dialer?

Constant engagement with the customer is the tenant of modern business operations. A proactive outbound strategy that help initiate correspondence with the existing customer base while nurturing new ones is the way forward. Essentially, an outbound dialer is a software that allows agents to reach out to customers by allowing them to make calls in both manual and automated mode.

Ameyo Proactive Outbound Dialer software is the answer to an energetic communication channel that spans over every touchpoint- SMS, Social, Web, Calls and Emails. The feature is equipped with comprehensive capabilities that includes voice recording, quality monitoring, reporting, multiple campaign management, lead management and much more. Ameyo outbound dialer keeps into account legal and regulatory complainces and help organizations map business goals without compromising on customer experience. 

Choosing The Right Dialer For Diverse Business Needs

Every business is unique and their requirements are definitive. Each call center dialer software has capabilities that matches the requirement of specific business needs and the team’s working style. Ameyo offers distinct dialer options that allow businesses to deliver the best results.


Predictive Dialer

With the assistance of Predictive Dialer, the outbound dialing process can be automated.The Predictive Dialer is a smart communication device that can detect answering machine, SIT tones and busy tones. It only forwards live connected calls to the agents. Agents can handle large volume of outbound calls without having to dial or re-dial numbers manually.  

Parallel Predictive Dialer

An advanced version of predictive dialer, Ameyo’s Parallel Predictive Dialer or PPD facilitates targeted outbound campaigns for contact centers. For example, based on language preference of the customer, two seperate queues can be set-up within a same campaign. Leads can be mapped to the respective queues and the dialer connects with the agents accordingly. 


Preview Dialer

To meet the challenges of complex sales process, agents require a dialer that allows them a prep time before placing the call. With preview dialer, agents are able to see the next call in the list. As a result, the dialer connects the agent first before connecting the call to the customer. This dialer is ideal  for campaigns with high touch sales point, such as B2B inside sales calling.


Progressive Dialer

Call centers that run low volume high value campaigns can make the most out of this dialer. Ameyo’s progressive dialer only makes calls when the agent is available to take them, thus eliminating the instances of throwing silent calls to the customers.

PACE- Intelligent Dialer

Proactive Connect Enhancer or PACE is an intelligent function that is designed to bring forward optimal contact center results. It allows supervisors to set rules and disposition like-customer category, CAT(Call-around-time),NCB (Not-Call-Before) to limit nuisance call to important customers.
power dialer

Power Dialer

Power Dialer dials a list of numbers one after the other, when the caller is already active on the line at the time of the call. If a number is busy or gets disconnected, it immediately dials the next telephone number in the list.There is almost no possibility of a dropped call as it dials one number after the other.

How Outbound Dialer works in Call Center

dialer software takes the following parameters into account while the automated dialing mode is being used. However the combination of settings being used, depends upon the dialing algorithm being used.


Maximum Call Count

Ameyo outbound dialer keeps into account certain parameters during call automation. MCC or maximum call count is a dialing algorithm that sets maxium call count. So, if the MCC is set to 100 and the server is already connected to 80 calls, another 20 calls will be dialed out. The dialer will not exceed the limit. 

Max Pacing Ratio

The equation between available agents and the call to be made to each agent is defined as max pacing ratio. So, if the max pacing ratio is set to 1:5, the dialer will dial out a maximum of 5 calls per agent.

Call Drop Ratio

The call drop ratio defines the maximum number of call drop allowed, out of total number of connected outbound calls. This algorithm acts as a controlling factor to facilitate pacing ratio. Otherwise, a lot of calls will be connected but dropped due to unavailability of agents.

Features Of Ameyo Outbound Dialer



Campaign Management

With a single click of a button, call center campaigns can be created, modified and deleted. All thanks to an intuitive AI, every component of the campaign such as call pacing ratio, call retry time etc. can be configured from a single unified window.


DNC Management

Allows supervisor or admin to exclude DNC (Do not Call) registered numbers from a single or multiple campaigns for voice calling process.



Filter Based Calling

Admin or supervisor can set specific rules such as location, geography, age, target group etc. before initiating calling to achieve targeted goals and results.


Customized Dial Time

This given setting allows user to set specific time for calling based on attributes like phone number, name, time zone etc.

Dial Time Restriction

With this feature user can put a restriction on auto dialling for a specific time zone.


Retry Time Setting

Within the system disposition, the admin can set or activate retry time for calls that were met with busy tone, disconnection, failure and network error.


Answering Machine Detection

Ameyo dialers can differentiate between human voice and recorded voice. The dialer only transfers those call to the agent that are answered by an actual person.


Lead Management

Supervisor can easily assign certain set of leads to a particular agent. This feature allows calls centers to service high value customers quite efficiently.


Customer Segmentation

With Ameyo intelligent dialer you can categorise customers based on their behaviour into groups. These group are known as states. These states can be custom defined and you can also set the weightage of the state in the dialling list. So, a customer belonging to a state with more weightage, has more chances to be dialled out first.

Superior Call Center Agent-Supervisor Efficiency

  • No More Manual Dialing 
  • Eliminate Scope of Misdialing 
  • Wait Time Significantly Reduced 
  • More Agent Talk Time
  • Dynamic Calling List, Constantly Churned 
  • Improved Chances of Success
  • Allows Customization of Calling Process
  • Setting Goals for Calling Process Made Easy
  • Lead Management is Easy and Customizable
  • Hassl- Free Tacking and Reporting
  • Improves Decision Making Ability 
  • Calling Process Agile and Flexible