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Omnichannel customer engagement with Ameyo's  Inbound Call Center Solution

Derive maximum value out of each customer interaction and achieve operational efficiency.

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What is Inbound Call Center

Inbound call centers, also known as contact centers are the customer engagement hubs that companies deploy to make it easy for the customers to reach them. Customer service executives attend inbound calls about customer queries, technical support or any other requests and complaints. Contrary to an outbound call center, where the call center agents primarily make calls, the task of an inbound agent is to resolve customer service requests at the earliest.


With Ameyo Intelligent Routing, exceed customer expectations by deriving maximum value out of each customer interaction and achieve operational efficiency.


Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Automate inbound call distribution in a uniform manner to route calls. SMS, emails or social media messages to the best-suited agent according to customer query and agent skill-set. Ideal for businesses that have high call inflow from multiple locations with a high ratio of customers looking for specific information.


Skill-based Routing

Connect each customer to the most qualified and available agent, best suited for the interaction. Reduce customer waiting time and ensure first call resolution to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Virtual queuing/ VQ pass

Reduce call abandonment rate by giving customers the option of 'Passing' the queue and connecting directly to the agent after getting notified about the expected wait time or requesting a callback at a convenient time. Ameyo multi-channel inbound solution lets the customers reach out to you on their medium of choice (call, social media, email, etc.)



Be present on all the possible platforms. Do not lose out on an opportunity to interact with the customer on the channel of their convenience. Solve query on the customer’s preferred medium to further improve customer satisfaction and faster query resolution.



Forward inbound calls to an external number, SIP phones or landline to enable agents to provide customer support even from remote locations. Improve employee engagement by offering agents the flexibility to take calls from anywhere.


Customer ID and Interaction History

Do not lose out on any customer. Identify priority customers and get access to all the previous customer interactions across the channels (call, mail, SMS, etc.) to deliver a personalized customer support.


Call Barging and Recording

The supervisor can drop in or listen to any conversation between the agent and the customer to monitor agent performance. Further, record all the inbound and outbound calls for agent training and quality assurance.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

Integrate your IVR into the inbound calling process to enable self-service for the customer and in case of further assistance, make sure the customer reaches the right agent at the right time. Thus, reducing the call-waiting time and improving customer experience.


Short Message Service (SMS)

Provide automated self-service with an interactive text response. Enable a toll-free SMS number to help customers reach out to the organization through dedicated contact numbers. Transfer call to a live agent in case of escalation or further assistance.


Define Business Hours

Define your business hours to let the customers know the availability of your customer support team. In case of call outside the business hours, the call will go to voicemail or the customer can request a call-back.