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Engage your Customers proactively using Ameyo's Outbound Call Center Software

Proactive Customer Outreach System to Simplify Processes and Improve Efficiency 

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Outbound Call Center Solution

Power up your Outbound customer interactions with a flexible IP-based all-in-one call center software 
that helps you innovate and deliver awesome omni-channel customer experiences. 


Outbound Dialers


Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialer is a type of dialing solution that uses predictive statistical analysis to determine if a call should be placed from a contact list. Ameyo's predictive dialer detects busy signals, voicemail, answering machines, and no answers. This means, 3 times as many minutes of quality talk time than manual dialing. 


Progressive Dialer

progressive dialer is an automated telephone dialing system that only connects agents to calls answered by a live person. In Progressive Mode, the dialer runs through your calling lists across multiple campaigns at the pace of your operations. The dialer reduces average handling time and improve agent productivity by 300%. 


Preview Dialer

This dialer is used to handle high engagement business calls. All Calls are initiated after careful review of customer information and requirement. This dialer is particularly useful for call centers that deal in high sales touch-points. Agent can save a lot of time and lower call drop rates. 



PACE or Pro-active Connect Enhancer is a an innovative outbound solution that works in conjunction with predictive dialer. The solution helps in defining contact strategy by profiling customers and tracking past interactions to achieve positive connects and reduce nuisance of unanswered calls.

Dialing Capabilities




With the assistance of click-to-dial API, agents can dial out customers whose details are already listed in the CRM. Agents don't have to manually punch the number in the dialer, thus eliminating any instances of error. It also improves efficiency as agents can dial out more numbers at any given time. 


Automated Outbound Dialers

Ameyo offers proactive automated outbound dialer options that allow agents to connect to more calls. Dialing algorithms and pacing ratios can be implemented to reduce agent idle time and call drop rate. These settings can be customized for each dialing modes- Preview Dialer, Predictive Dialer and Progressive Dialer. 


Answering Machine Detection

The dialer has capabilities to screen calls that is answered by non-humans aka pre-recorded messages. Detecting the frequency of the voice, the dialer only transfers those calls to the live agents that is answered by an actual person. This reduces the number of unproductive calls and improves call center connect rate. 


Call Back Schedule

This feature allows agents to schedule a call back that is verbally agreed upon by the caller and the customer during an earlier interaction. Call-backs can be implemented in both inbound and outbound campaigns. The feature can be customized and in this case, the dialer connects the agent first before connecting with the customer. 


Exclusion Management

The feature facilitates the dialer to skip those numbers that are assigned to "do not call " disposition. Exclusion management is a very crucial feature that limits redundancy, promotes compliance and improve the overall efficiency of the call center. 


Parallel Predictive Dialing (PPD)

PPD is designed to simplify the customer-specific dialing processes. It works well where each segment needs pre-defined call management parameters to deliver a personalized dialing campaign. PPD simplifies the outbound contact center's job and consolidates diverse dialing campaigns based on process requirement while doing parallel prediction.

Campaign Capabilities



Multiple Campaign Management

With Ameyo outbound call center software, managing multiple campaigns is a breeze. Supervisor or admin can create, delete, modify campaigns with a single click.


Auto-Prioritize Agent Campaign

Agents don't have to manually select campaigns and can be automatically directed towards the workbench assigned to them, improving productivity and reducing the scope of error. 


Team View

Within a campaign, the feature allows team members to view leads and helps in keeping track of different components of a campaign- assignment, management, follow-up etc. 


Intuitive Interface

Simple and easy interface. Supervisor or admin can set the pace of different campaigns independently and efficiently, without any external dependency. 


Real-Time Analytics

All information associated with dialing, connect rates, call volumes, campaign summary etc. can be generated in real time.Thanks to real-time analytics, supervisor have a better control of the call center processes. All decisions related to resource allocation and campaign management are driven by live data rather than assumptions. 


Agent Performance Dashboard

Supervisors have access to individual agent performance dashboard. From this, the supervisor can check agent status and agent call status and other key performance metrics.Real-time access to these information encourages agent productivity and motivates them to work better. 



Call Disposition

Call disposition(CD) refers to the outcome of a call. This is  relevant from a reporting standpoint. CD offers insightful information like- disconnection rate, call audibility, agent call volume, call back scheduling, sales disposition, hung up rate etc. All this information helps in analyzing the relevancy and quality of the calling data. 


Historical Reporting

In addition to access to real-time data, supervisors also have access to historical data for any given week, month, quarter or even a year. An overview of the historical data allows contact center supervisors to identify key performance indicators, agent training needs etc. 

“ Whether its value for money or the comfort you get from getting it installed, configured and customized, it is an end-to-end solution. I must say it is a complete package.”

Satish Udupi

Vice President, - Flipkart Internet Pvt. Ltd.

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Business Continuity


Auto-fail Over

The auto-failover allows systems to run without any interruption with high uptime. When the server breaks down, the back up server automatically takes control and provides services. Ameyo's system architecture is robust and provides an uptime of 99.9 %. 


Disaster Recovery/Redundancy

With 24/7 x 365 network operations monitoring and full backup ensures your data is always safe and secure. In case of any failure, the redundant system can be manually / automatically activated to ensure smooth running operations.

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