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Country  Saudi Arabia

Ideal Vision

Ameyo’s partner in providing customer engagement solution for Saudi Arabia 

IDEAL VISION is an enthusiastic, vibrant company that are setting new standards in the video surveillance industry. The IDEAL VISION team is excited at the prospect of working with you. IDEAL VISION has been operating since 1997 and has designed and installed 1000 IT Systems & solutions covering all industry sectors including Government, Hospitals, Warehouse, Universities, Banks and Shopping Centres just to name a few. We have proven industry experience and knowledge with all aspects of IT Services & Products; particularly with large and complex applications. IDEAL VISION takes satisfaction in being able to offer value for money in the marketplace. We are able to achieve this by maintaining a high level of service to our customers along with the new technology making you our client, up to date in all aspects. Most of our IDEAL VISION core products, are exclusive to IDEAL VISION in Saudi Arabia and is assembled at our head office.

This represents a considerable advantage to our clients in that while IDEAL VISION is able to offer products that are at least 6 months ahead of their competitors in terms of technology, we are also able to offer superb levels of service & maintenance on those same products. We are consistently making our customers aware of the latest applications in our industry and have pleasure in offering these solutions to our customers ahead of our competitors. The IDEAL VISION Secure solution is a revolutionary product, as yet unmatched in the marketplace.

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