Help Desk Automation - Workflow Rules

Rule Engine to Take Faster Actions for Critical Issues

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    Event-Based Ticketing Automation

    Ameyo Help Desk Automation allows setting an event automation rule, enabling the supervisor to track and monitor the journey of each ticket and get a notification when certain pre-listed events are triggered. Eg, on the creation of a new ticket, the supervisor is notified that a new ticket has been assigned to their queue.

    Time-Based Ticketing Automation

    With Ameyo Help Desk Software Automation set up rules with conditions and actions that will be triggered after a specific time interval for rules with the matching condition, letting the supervisor and/or the customer to track the ticket. This ensures the successful completion of the SLAs and in case of a delay, the stakeholders are duly notified.

    Setting Predefined Conditions

    Automate internal and external ticketing actions based on a dynamic event and time-based triggers. You get to define the events which will trigger certain action or chain of actions. For instance, in the event of a new ticket being created, automate the actions of setting its priority and assign it to an agent. Similarly, in the case of time-based triggers, define SLA based workflows for a stringent business process. That is, when a particular event has crossed/will cross a certain time limit, a set of actions needs to be taken.

    Automate Operations to Eliminate Repetitive Tasks

    Customer Portal

    Let the customer own their ticket by creating, re-opening, or monitoring their ticket via a mobile customer portal

    Routing Rules

    Configure rules to distribute and assign tickets to agents according to their availability and workload

    Knowledge Base Software

    A complete repository of all the FAQs and self-help content enable the customers to help themselves

    The Guide to Helpdesk Management System

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