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Reach your customers with live chat software and streamline customer conversations with In-App Messaging, Web Chat and Chat Messenger.

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    Aegon Life

    Start Conversations with Live Chat Software

    Create personalized connection with your customers using Ameyo live chat support software and provide the support that they are looking for. Customer service live chat software is an easy and proactive solution to help customers online without interrupting their experience.


    Web Chat

    Initiate, receive and improve query handling on the web-chat portal in real-time.

    in app chat

    In-App Chat

    Start customer interaction with the assistance of live chat support software within the app



    Start a conversation with chat messengers - WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and more.

    Video Chat at 150 kbps

    Video Chat

    Video call, video conferencing, video recording and more to have humanized customer interactions

    Advanced Live Chat Software Features for Effortless and Personalized Experience

    Proactive Engagement with Customers

    Proactive Engagement with Customers

    How do you do live chat? Don’t wait for the customer to ask questions. Live chat software enables real-­time interaction between agents and customers. Agents can quickly initiate the chat with the customer’s browsing through product page to trigger sales. Be proactive throughout the buyer’s journey. Customers appreciate when a brand is sensitive to their needs and offers help without even asking.


    Constant Customer Service

    Customer Support chat software and messages allow agents to engage with customers via website, mobile apps and other live chat platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and LINE. Customers do not have to wait in line, they can easily reach agents and it helps agents to process the information in lesser time. The customer can request for a chat session and the agents can automatically retrieve information from a knowledge base to quickly respond to customer inquiries.

    Customer’s Preferred Channel

    Handling Multiple Interaction

    A unified desktop with multi-chat service is not limited to only the chat platforms. Without toggling between screens, the agents can interact with customers coming in from multiple channels. The live chat support software allows the agents to attend multiple chats simultaneously. This helps in improving agent productivity and customers feel happy and satisfied due to less wait time.

    Intelligent Omni Routing for Faster Response

    Intelligent Routing

    With Omnichannel call center software route active & passive interactions to the right agent in the first go, leading to better resource utilization. Transfer the chat to other agent or supervisor using live chat tools that helps in delivering exceptional customer experience. Customer service live chat software makes the customers feel valued when they are attended on priority and provided proactive assistance when they need it.

    Manage Omnichannel Conversations Seamlessly with Ameyo


    Respond faster to customer service emails to ensure customer delight.

    Powerful Voice Capabilities

    Automate inbound and outbound calling processes for better engagement.

    Social Media
    Social Media

    Connect with your customers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    See how businesses can no longer turn a blind eye to the kind of customer support

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