Ameyo Helped Fortis Improve Operational Efficiency and Deliver Superior Patient Experience

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Industry: Healthcare

Region:  India

About Fortis Healthcare

Fortis has consistently evolved itself to become one of the fastest growing integrated healthcare delivery networks in the Asia–Pacific region. Fortis Healthcare spans 11 countries, many of which represent the fastest-growing healthcare delivery markets in the world. Their portfolio of healthcare businesses is rich and multidimensional, extending to multiple verticals.


  • Manual appointments
  • Lack of online appointment booking system
  • Absence of integrated inbound and outbound Patient Interaction Management System (PIMS)
  • No call tracking for quality monitoring
  • Increased number of abandoned calls

Key Benefits

  • Online appointment booking system
  • Seamlessly end-to-end integrated PIMS
  • Automated call routing helped to save time and efforts
  • Increase in the number of repeat customers
  • Voice tracking helped in safe, secure, and correct information exchange

Ameyo helped Fortis Healthcare

The healthcare industry is a growing investment sector across the world. In India, however, there are many challenges within the sector and efforts are on to organize the system, but there is a gap in IT advancement. Recognizing this, Fortis has implemented Ameyo to help them deliver exceptional care to their patients through their contact center.

Ameyo helped Fortis improve their operational efficiency and reduce any client loss due to unavailability of resources. The solution was seamlessly integrated with Fortis’s existing Private Branch Exchange (PBX). The self-service IVRS provided the required automation of inbound and outbound interactions. Cross-channel interactions via SMS, internet, and phone-based booking were facilitated. AMEYO’s voice logger performed the necessary call tracking and a missed call alert was implemented.


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Ameyo Helped Fortis Improve Operational Efficiency and Deliver Superior Patient Experience

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