N M Teleservices Improves Customer Satisfaction Score by 27% With Ameyo

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Industry: BPO

Region:  Mumbai, India

About N M Teleservices

N M Teleservices is a BPO based in Mumbai, India. The company caters to clients in various geographies like Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and spans verticals such as Telecommunications, Retail, and Hospitality. Since its inception in 2003, N M Teleservices has acquired new clients while retaining the old ones with its excellent services that include inbound, outbound, and tech support.


  • Required an integrated solution to run multiple campaigns
  • Problem of short life of client processes
  • Wanted maximum live call connects
  • Solution should be highly scalable and flexible to business processes

Key Benefits

  • Significant growth in productivity
  • Higher revenues leading to increase in their capacity
  • Controlled idle time
  • Efficient tech support

Ameyo helped N M Teleservices

AMEYO which empowers outsourced contact centers like N M Tele to ensure highest quality customer experience and enhance business productivity. The client required a futuristic solution with intelligent capabilities of integrated lead and number management, voice interactions management and quality management. AMEYO provided for not just these but also innovative agent self-learning tools that helped them deliver standard customer service.


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N M Teleservices Improves Customer Satisfaction Score by 27% With Ameyo

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