NRG Global Solutions improves Customer Satisfaction score by 26% With Ameyo

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Industry: BPO

Region:  Brisbane, Australia

About NRG Global Solutions

NRG Global Solutions is a specialist in corporate debt collections providing customized services from reminder calls to tough, days past due collection calls. It has been using innovative solutions and strategies that are proven to deliver the best results to clients while maintaining their brand.

Started in 2001, today it has corporate offices in Brisbane and Manila servicing a portfolio of several big-ticket clients. NRG GS is known for its innovative approach to all facets of credit and collection solutions for its clientele.


  • Needed to lower operational costs
  • Low agent efficiency and productivity levels
  • Wanted to expand the scale of the collections
  • Required a solution for blended interaction with customers

Key Benefits

  • Increase in debt recovery
  • Reduced time for collection
  • Facilitated third-party integration
  • Minimized repetitive calls to valued customers

Ameyo helped NRG Global Solutions

Drishti implemented Ameyo Expert, a full-featured, blended solution with PACE module as an add-on. The need was to mitigate risk by the creation of multiple delinquency levels, and create separate strategies to effectively engage customers with different past records, and ensure compliance to minimize repetitive calls to valued customers. Customers were bucketized and campaigns were selectively created to cater to each one of them with specific and relevant agent skill set for increased coherence.

With key features like ACD with dynamic queuing, skill-based routing blended calling capabilities with multiple dialing modes, user-friendly CRM, easy integration with most collections software, pre-integrated Voice Logger, cradle-to-grave reporting, Quality Monitoring (Barging, Snooping, Conferencing), and resource management effectively enabling a robust solution.


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NRG Global Solutions improves Customer Satisfaction score by 26% With Ameyo

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