Olacabs improves Customer Satisfaction score by 32% With Ameyo

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Industry: Transport

Region:  Mumbai, India

About Olacabs

Olacabs is an online car rental platform based in Mumbai. They aim at bringing the efficiency and customer experience to the car rental industry that is expected from airlines. The online platform, Olacabs.com, helps plan the complete car rental experience. It serves its increasing customer base through partners and vendors in different cities and with their fleet of vehicles. Olacabs started with an objective to remove hassles involved in journeys and travels and bring efficiency and quality service to their customers.


  • Boost its accessibility
  • High quality customer interaction
  • Provide updated and accurate information to customers
  • Maintain perfect balance between cost effectiveness and customer experience

Key Benefits

  • Auto population of leads and scheduling of automatic callbacks
  • Minimized the downtime and other operational bottlenecks
  • Integrated with their internal CRM
  • Customized reports

Ameyo helped Olacabs

Drishti’s AMEYO solution addressed the challenges that were hampering their business operations. It integrated with and amalgamated their internal CRM for an auto-population of leads and scheduling of automatic callbacks. It was customized for a customer manager API with a click-to-call and SMS confirmation features for bookings. To complete a smooth and hurdle-free procedure of CIM, the scalability and service-oriented architecture of AMEYO minimizes the downtime and other operational bottlenecks. Reports could now be customized as per the business processes and workforce management was improved.


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Olacabs improves Customer Satisfaction score by 32% With Ameyo

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