Telan Associates improves Customer Satisfaction score by 28% With Ameyo

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Industry: BPO

Region:  Manila,

About Telan Associates

Telan Hipe Flores Telan Associates is a leading call center running outsourced processes of domestic banks and telecom companies. They call bank customer and remind them of dues to their credit card payments. They have multiple branches to cover domestic market for connecting states and cities. Telan Associate has received the Best Call Center awards from many banks over years. They are also offering the complete services expected of a Law firm.


  • Data collection on paper was highly inefficient
  • They missed customer callback requests
  • Low agent performance
  • Needed to automate processes

Key Benefits

  • Automated dialing processes and improved collections
  • Increased efficiency of agents and boost in productivity
  • Easy-to-use UI helped agents serve customers better
  • Eliminated reliance on paperwork

Ameyo helped Telan Associates

Telan Associate implemented the all-in-one CIM solution, AMEYO, and experienced 0% reliance on paperwork. The multi-feature solution improved Telan’s productivity and efficiency. The contact center implemented AMEYO CRM with around 50 custom fields per bank. AMEYO enabled phone agent, cost-effective routing (GSM, E1, and FXO), as well as campaign-to-campaign call transfer facilities. The Predictive Dialer feature was a primary requirement for banks and AMEYO delivered a robust solution.


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Telan Associates improves Customer Satisfaction score by 28% With Ameyo

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