Telerain Inc. Improves Customer Satisfaction Score by 32% With Ameyo

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Industry: BPO

Region:  Quezon City,

About Telerain

Telerain is an upcoming contact center in the Philippines and aims to be one of the leaders in the region. Their aim is to enhance customer service with the ultimate goal of heightened customer satisfaction through the use of advanced technology to automate processes. Telerain constantly works towards ensuring the customer’s queries and needs are met with efficient agent interaction.


  • Lack in management of complex business communications
  • Low customer satisfaction levels
  • Lack of accurate and customizable reports
  • Absence of proper call handling

Key Benefits

  • Central solution for multi-site architecture
  • Agents have tools like voice, chat, SMS, e-mail, and internet fax
  • Customized reports to monitor quality, productivity, and efficiency of business
  • Imrpoved customer satisfaction

Ameyo helped Telerain

The AMEYO solution was deployed to improve the inbound process. It helped the agents use advanced features and productivity tools like voice, chat, SMS, e-mail, and internet fax. The solution acted as a central setup to manage Telerain’s multisite operations. To address Telerain’s needs and requirements AMEYO deployed IVR, ACD, voice recording, and Reportika. Features like voicemail integration, customized reports, and customized CRM seamlessly integrated with Telerain’s operations to heighten the level of customer service. The reliability of the premise based AMEYO solution ensured that the operation was up and running all the time and the business did not face any downtime.


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Telerain Improves Customer Satisfaction Score by 32% With Ameyo

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