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Customer Service Solutions - Ameyo CARE

    customer care solutions

    Ameyo Care is an initiative to bring Ameyo closer to its customers. With this portal, we have taken our philosophy of "Customer Comes First" one step further.

    With transparency, responsiveness, and knowledge sharing as the key focus, this portal will enable Ameyo's customers to access a wide range of actions such as issue submission, tracking, retrieval and knowledge resource base sharing in order to ensure seamless operations.

    Ameyo Care offers 24x7 support services to customers at unparalleled cost. We are committed to offer improved efficiency through Ameyo Ticketing System (ATS). ATS facilitates professional management of support requests, transparency through live support details and overall high responsiveness.

    The customer care solutions offered by Ameyo provides quick resolution of issues by offering Omnichannel support via online query submission, chat, email or phone. Additionally, the issue resolution process follows Time-based Automatic Escalation instead of multiple point of contact escalation (that is one of the industry pain-point) to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction. 

    AMEYO offers three different support packages (Silver, Gold, Platinum) allowing its customers to choose the desired package as per their requirement.  

    Standard: This package offers a basic level of support that is appropriate for organizations that have a strong and experienced IT team, and require minimum support assistance. 

    Premium: This package offers an advanced level of support that includes complementary Professional Services along with top-priority response with onsite visits from Ameyo engineers. 

    Customer care solutions powered by Ameyo, facilitates communication exchange between Ameyo and its customers. Ameyo Care not only allows easy access to ATS (Ameyo Ticketing System), but also provides important updates and services related information. The portal also contains a feedback form in which customers can rate the service quality and receive complimentary gifts in return. After thorough analysis, specific areas of concerns are given better attention as the support process is constantly enhanced with a customer-centric view. The portal also publishes latest news from Ameyo so as to keep its customers apprised of Ameyo's activities and updates.