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  • Enables you to deliver

    Enables you to deliver

    Our highly experienced team enables you to deliver consistent and 
    superior customer experience across multiple touchpoints

  • An ideal business partner

    An ideal business partner

    We can prove to be an ideal business partner in your ride towards 
    achieving customer service excellence.

    Align your Customer Service Strategy with your Business Goals

    Create a top-notch contact center with Ameyo business consulting services. Our highly experienced Contact Center consulting team enables you to deliver consistent and superior customer experience across multiple touchpoints by successfully mapping the entire customer journey. We can prove to be an ideal business partner in your ride towards achieving customer service excellence.

    Stages of our Consultation Process

    Stages of Ameyo Consultation Process

    Business Need Assessment-


    Consultation with key stakeholders,evaluation of your communication infrastructure, applications and operations. Analysis of the gaps between your business goals and current strategy

    Development of Strategies and Roadmap


    Complete assessment of communication infrastructure to develop plans for future that fulfills your objectives, analysing what processes and technologies are required to be enhanced or revised. Our experts will also analyse your staffing model to ensure that it meets your business needs and fulfills the requirements as both overstaffing and understaffing can cost you big.

    Business Case Analysis


    Analyse the challenges, benefits and risks that might come in the way of achieving the modifications and desired outcomes.

    Deployment and Implementation Planning-


    Create an implementation plan and develop the workflows that suit your business and also providing post-deployment assessment.
    Our Contact Center consultants consist a range of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in industry verticals including insurance, banking services, e-commerce, healthcare and more. Their comprehensive guidance and counseling on industry best practices will ensure that you remain on top of industry innovations-always.

    Transform your Contact Center into a CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT HUB

    Customer Engagement Hubs are cross-channel CRM customer interaction applications that allow personalized engagement with customers across all interaction channels including social, and reach all departments.

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