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  • Customer service solutions

    Boost Contact Center Efficiency

    Reduce Service Costs and Improve Agent Engagement & Productivity
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    Exceptional Customer Service Solutions

    Deliver a Great Customer Experience and Improve Customer Loyalty & Profit

    Ameyo's customer experience management software is designed for companies of all sizes that want to create meaningful, personal, and productive customer relationships. Our customer engagement solutions enable organizations to reduce time-to-market, and reduce customer service costs while increasing customer satisfaction.


    Drive Down Operational Costs


    As per research, a large percentage of calls for customer service are repetitive in nature, these routine calls can be self-serviced so that only the complex concerns could be directed to agents thereby saving on agent-time. Ameyo's innovative customer care solutions ensure high quality services with minimal installation, maintenance and expansion costs.

    Real-time Monitoring and Reporting


    Ameyo provides complete web-monitoring and reporting controls that help you manage operations effectively. This ultimately helps reduce training and hiring costs, while giving flexibility to manage the entire workforce with ease. Similarly from the business perspective, there is a need for virtual call center solutions that increase operational efficiency while lowering costs and increasing customer acquisition. Ameyo optimizes interaction times and improves quality of service  by fetching relevant data on lead identity, disposition, agent, date, and time.

    Transform your Cost Center into a “Profit Center” 


    Ameyo customer enagagement technology provides upselling and cross selling opportunities to agents by enhancing customer experience through intelligent routing capabilities; routing interactions to the agents with the right skills.

    Enhance Agent Experience


    Ameyo enhances agent experience by offering uniform call distribution that intelligently adapts to changing call influx across all channels coupled with supervisor features- whisper, snoop, barge-in, and coaching - help agents to create high-quality interactions. By reducing agent workload through automated IVR and DTMF Inputs for self-serving agent-less interactions like account information retrieval, flight information, pricing, record updates , password and pin generation etc, Ameyo further enhances agent experience and service delivery.

    Setup A world class Customer Engagement Hub with AMEYO Customer Call Center Software

    Manage Inbound, Outbound, Blended, or Multichannel contact centers with a powerful IP-based all-in-one customer call center software that innovates business for maximized benefits

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