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  • Customer Loyalty Solutions

    Increase Customer Loyalty through Effective Lead Nurturing and Customer Relationship Management 


  • Call Center Calling Software

    Generate More Quality Leads and Close More Sale

    Ameyo- A Leader in Sales and Marketing software

    Ameyo is a leader in sales and marketing software for businesses of all sizes- equipping them with intelligent technologies to bring in speed in connection, drive down costs, and improve agent efficiency dramatically. Ameyo applications include:

    • Inside Sales Management
    • Lead Generation
    • Relationships Nurturing
    • Telemarketing 
    • Sales and Marketing Alignment



    Sales: Improve Conversion Rates


    Ameyo software radically improves contact rates and agent talk-time by accurately predicting the time to call prospects/leads, pacing the call optimally, and filtering out unproductive calls. With a broad range of features, Ameyo increases sales opportunities and enhance all facets of your sales team.

    Marketing : Drive down costs  


    Ameyo software provide businesses to expand their customer reach and prospect base by broadcasting their marketing and promotional messages, while minimizing costs. Ameyo provides reps with significant information and tools to nurture each lead across prospect lifecycle, increasing the odds of conversions. 

    Telemarketing: Improved Campaign Management  


    Ameyo enables agents with the right tools, information, clear understanding of campaign script and a constant pool of customers to dial. Ameyo leverages predictive dialing technology tripling the amount of time agents talk to prospect, and allowing them to dedicate their time and effort to interacting with existing and potential customers, nurturing sales opportunities, and promoting services/products.