Understanding Ticket Life Cycle Thank You

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Know inside out of Ticket Lifecycle in Ameyo

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Few of the questions asked during the webinar:

Yes, tickets can be created via APIs in Fusion CX. Ameyo has Ticket Creation API and  Ticket Updation API, using which tickets are created with certain ticket attributes like the subject, source type, etc

Yes, agents can pick unassigned tickets from the ticket listing view or the ticket details page. Agents can “Re-assign” already assigned tickets to themselves by using the “Re-assign to me” option available in the ticket listing view or the ticket details page.

The agent interface allows agents to update customer information for one customer at a time. If bulk customer data is to be updated, this can be achieved in Ameyo with Customer Manager API. This is a system-level offering available with Administrator.

Ameyo Fusion CX has been augmented with Channel Addition Framework in the recent 4.8 Release with the help of which administrators can smoothly and seamlessly add new channels with just a few clicks.

Private notes are visible only to users logged into the system i.e. Ameyo agents/supervisors etc whereas the public notes are available for viewing with customers as well.