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Understanding Ameyo’s Remote Contact Center Solutions

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Few of the questions asked during the webinar:

Yes, if the third party CRM UI is mobile responsive we can do with that. Also, if the end customer is using any CRM mobile app, we can do the integration with that as well.

The solution has been extended for agents sitting at home based on the TRAI/DoT regulation which has been relaxed currently due to COVID emergency. Continuing it post lockdown will depend on the updates from DoT/TRAI if any.

There is a configuration required which needs to be enabled at the backend from the support team to view miss calls & call history tab. By default, it will not come into the mobile app. Custom Modules are there which needs to be deployed and configured from the backend with the help of the support team.

The minimum bandwidth required for the agents to access the dual call leg access solution is 80 kbps.

Yes, the agents can schedule callbacks for a specific date and time from the telephony panel or the CRM. They need to select callback as a disposition.