Zoho CRM Integrations With Contact Center Software


Contact Center Software and Zoho CRM Integrations

Manage your interactions in one place across channels with Zoho CRM Integrations

Personalized Contextual Interactions

Never lose sight of the context of the conversation. Agents have access to the customer profile and interaction history before connecting any inbound or outbound call. With Ameyo and Zoho CRM Integrations, the agents can see all the contact information on the same UI rather than switching between different tabs.

Log all Customer Interactions

Automatically log all the inbound and outbound calls with Zoho CRM integrations with call center software. These logs can later be used for agent training and improving their productivity. The supervisor can review these logs to give a timely and effective feedback to the agents to enhance their performance and deliver excellent customer support.


Rule-based Routing

Use the pre-set Zoho CRM integrations parameters to take real-time decisions using Ameyo. No need to set different rules for both the systems. Combining the information stored in the Zoho database to route the customer query to the right agent for faster query resolution. Setting the rules to improve agent productivity and customer support.

Improve Agent Productivity

Combine Ameyo with Zoho CRM integrations to improve agent productivity by eliminating the manual tasks such as dialing and logging call dispositions. Make it easy for the customers to interact with your business and deliver an effortless, smooth customer experience by automating the activities with intelligent routing to avoid repeatedly asking the customers for their details. This leads to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.



Jordan Ahli Bank

Learn how Ameyo helped a leading financial service provider improve their customer satisfaction score by 30%.

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