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WhatsApp Business API

Ameyo, an official WhatsApp API partner, lets you engage with customers seamlessly on WhatsApp

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    WhatsApp Customers


    WhatsApp Business API

    Is Just 4 Steps Away with Ameyo!


    Whatsapp Business Account Creation

    Business shares its official Facebook Business Manager ID and Ameyo creates a WhatsApp Business Account in minutes.

    Whatsapp Step

    Verification and Approval

    Business verifies its Facebook Business Manager ID by submitting business documents such as Company Formation Documents and Taxation Certificates. After the Business Manager ID is verified, a request is sent for WhatsApp account approval.

    Whatsapp Step

    WhatsApp Number Configuration

    Business provides Ameyo with a fresh Whatsapp Number and Whatsapp Display Name to be configured with the mapped Business account. Also, an email id with access to Facebook Account is required to be shared to access WhatsApp Business Account.


    WhatsApp API Go Live Token

    Whatsapp number and display name are approved and verified and the API token is ready to be used.

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    Benefits of Whatsapp Business API

    End-to-End-Encryption with WhatsApp API

    Ensure Customer Privacy with End-to-End Encryption

    Make your customer interactions simple, secure, and reliable. WhatsApp API offers end-to-end encryption between your business and customers. It enables you to securely send client information and protect your customer accounts with WhatsApp’s built-in end-to-end encryption. This ensures compliance with robust data protection standards.

    rich media support in WhatsApp API

    Rich Media Support To Send Invoices, Tickets, brochures, and Much More

    WhatsApp business API allows you to send multimedia messages to ensure exceptional customer engagement . It supports Images, Documents, Audio, Stickers, and Video files along with text messages and notification templates. By uploading your multimedia files, a media ID gets created against each file uploaded. You can use these media IDs to retrieve stored or uploaded media. Send these multimedia messages to your customers and ensure an unprecedented customer experience.

    Whatsapp business API language support

    Supports 50+ Languages: Automated Notifications, Alerts, and Quick Replies

    WhatsApp API supports more than 50 languages and lets you choose your preferred language to connect with your customers. Powered-up with enhanced automation tools, it ensures quick and sorted responses with templates that let you automate business responses. You can also let your customers know that you are currently unavailable to respond to the incoming queries. Greeting or welcoming messages can also be created using WhatsApp business API.

    Monitor messages with Whatsapp API

    WhatsApp API Message Monitoring

    With WhatsApp business API, you can fetch essential information about various performance metrics on insights Dashboard. These dashboards provide a graphical representation of Business Sent Messages, Received Messages from customers, Business delivered Messages. You can use this information to improvise and streamline your customer engagement strategy over WhatsApp.


    Looking For More Than Just Whatsapp Business API?

    Expand your Customer Service reach with Ameyo’s Whatsapp enabled customer engagement solution. WhatsApp is the most preferred chat channel and businesses are now adding it to their existing customer interaction channel firepower to ensure faster & engaging customer service & support interactions. Ameyo enables you to deliver exceptional customer service while achieving a dramatically improved CSAT rate. Want to explore our plug’n’play solution. Click on Know More

    Handbook to Use
    WhatsApp as a Customer Service Channel

    Use-Cases of WhatsApp Business API in Different Industries

    Whatsapp API Ecommerce

    Ecommerce - Status Update

    Whatsapp Business API enables businesses to connect with their customers and meet their needs for eCommerce, recruiting, and more through conversational messaging by increasing and driving more conversions and sales.

    It provides scalable, two-way customer care and support.


    Banking & Financial Services - Account balance

    Conversational Banking is mainstream, and Banks can achieve more through 1:1 conversations. 

    The WhatsApp Business API gives banks the flexibility to use WhatsApp at scale and make conversations more contextual and meaningful.

    With the WhatsApp Business API, customer service teams can connect with customers and collaborate from a shared inbox, automate frequently asked questions, and leverage customer information.

    Whatapp API for retail


    WhatsApp Business API allows the retail industry to communicate directly with your customers, either through session messages initiated by your customers or templated messages initiated by them after opt-in is received.

    With WhatsApp Business API, Businesses can boost their customer engagement rates and, at the same time, reduce pressure on their support center. 

    Few use-cases: 

    1. Product back-in-stock reminders
    2. Product recommendations based on recent purchases
    3. Seasonal discounts, offers, and deals
    4. Relevant new products introductions
    Whatsapp API for Travel


    70% of travelers preferred to be notified via messaging

    54% of Millenials prefer messaging to calling for lost luggage and other help

    Ameyo Whatsapp Business API simply integrates back-end and customer relationship systems for the travel industry. It offers more secure and private communication with end-to-end encryption. 

    Whatsapp enables businesses to deliver rich media, including booking confirmations and boarding passes, making it convenient for travelers and guests.

    Whatsapp API for healthcare


    With WhatsApp chat Bots, The healthcare sector strives to provide top-notch healthcare services and quality treatment to meet the need for well-being and save many lives. 

    Hospitals can leverage the immense power of WhatsApp to connect with their patients and serve them with lightning speed.


    • Send Appointment reminders
    • Collaborative research
    • Remote Consultation
    • Payment with a click of a button

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    Ameyo is an official provider of WhatsApp Business API with the ability to integrate and operate the solution on behalf of approved customers. Ameyo not only helps customers get WhatsApp Business API but also provides an end to end plug and play solution for Customer Service, BOTS & ticketing solution with WhatsApp as a channel.


    Users need to connect with WhatsApp Partners like Ameyo to get WhatsApp Business API. Ameyo will ask you to share your official Facebook Business Manager ID to create your account. This will be followed by you verifying your Facebook Business Manager ID by submitting your company documents and taxation certificates. Upon verification, a business number can be configured under the account and an API token is generated.


    No you can only have one Whatsapp Business per account linked to your unique Facebook Business manager.


    You can configure upto 25 phone numbers under your WhatsApp business account.


    No, you cannot send messages to your customers anytime. You can respond to your customer initiated messages within a time window of 24 hours. You can send any type of message in this window- Text, PDF, Audio, or Image without paying any charges. On the contrary, if your business initiates the conversation or responses after 24 hours of a customer’s message, you will be able to send a message template which is paid.


    Yes, you can get your message templates customized per your business requirements.


    The maximum limit is currently set to 250 message templates per WhatsApp business account.