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Ameyo and Kapture Integration solves Call Center Agent's Real-Time Problems


What is the end goal of your business? If you are making ends meet to make your customers happy and still the results are depressing, it’s time that you consider integrating your call center software with a CRM that offers you the right tools to smoothen your sales process.

If you are a CEO, Marketing Director, business owner, or anywhere between these, you must have had the challenge of solving the most basic agent problems to increase TAT and decrease manual tasks. That’s where an effective CRM comes in.

Your customer wants the answer now! 

How do you ensure that they are not waiting for quick response? How do you ensure that your agents are not stuck in finding answers to customer’s queries?

With an effective CRM, you can ensure that your agents are delivering the experience that your customers are looking for. Integration is the answer to most of your queries and your agents could provide the best solution to your customers when provided with the right integration capabilities. To establish the customer-centric world, your agents should have a platform that provides them with an instant solution, to help reduce the number of clicks and double the work-time efficiency.

What does Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) do for your agents?

Did you get a chance to ask your agent what they want? What do they need to keep track of customer’s information? Are you recording customer data manually? Here’s what you need to know before exhibiting the next round of conversation with your agents:

Accessing Information in a Click

If your agents start their conversation with a mundane pitch that says, “Hi, I’m calling from XYZ bank and we’re offering home loan,” you’ve already lost the customer because he/she is a student and is not interested in home loan.

But, education loan might work well for them. How would agents know if they need to sell a home loan or education loan? With a predefined context of customer’s information, they will know how to start a conversation and the conversion rate will increase. This is where integration helps, because it gives a preview into customer’s information prior to the call is made.

Eliminating Manual Errors

“It’s a wrong number.” Is this the standard response that your agents are receiving? This is a practice that consumes most of your agent’s time because they are busy dialing manually and making errors.

With an effective click-to-dial functionality that Ameyo-Kapture Integration offers can do wonders and reduce human errors like dialing wrong numbers. Agents can simply click on the contact number and the call gets initiated without any scope of mistake. If the number already exists in CRM, the agent will also be able to see previous interaction history to customize their pitch and deliver the desired results in less time.

Single Sign-On

When agents spend more time switching tabs, they lose their productivity. How great would it be if they didn’t have to remember multiple passwords and a single click would land them into desired application?

With two way synchronisation between Ameyo and Kapture, agents can log into an account with a single username and password and access multiple applications. This eliminates the need to toggle between multiple tabs and retrieve customer information without any hassle.

Quick Call Functionalities

The customer has landed in the wrong queue and you cannot deliver an “I don’t know” experience for the customers. What could agent do then?

With Ameyo Kapture integration, agents can quickly take another person on conference or transfer the call to the right department without compromising on exceptional customer service. This helps in increasing first call resolution significantly and ensure that your customer is satisfied with your service.

Adding to it, agents can also add notes to existing interactions in real-time and update the information in CRM which could be availed for future references.

Real-Time Reporting & Monitoring

How well your agents are performing is the question that you raise in every board meeting! What if you had statistical overview of all the data?

Ameyo integrated with Kapture Service Cloud allows supervisors to monitor agents’ performance and analyze business specific metrics. Supervisors can take informed decisions when they have numbers that define average call handling time.

With these extensive reports, supervisors can draw insights that could be used to train agents and help in bettering their performance.

Ameyo Kapture integration is a complete package of all the features to create a customer-first environment and make your agents’ life easy. When agents have the right tools, you’ve got your business goals settled because with a powerful CRM integration, it becomes easy for the entire organisation to be in sync.

Not convinced yet, here’s a list of things that you can check to Boost Agent’s Productivity with extensive CRM Capabilities.

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