CX Conclave 2017 – What to Expect at the Customer Experience Conference

The real perception of a company in the eyes of customers depends on what they experience during their customer experience journey. This year, CX Conclave 2017 is all set to enable a world of better digital customer experience powered by technological innovation!

Starting November 16, CX Conclave 2017 is all set to go live at the Holiday Inn International Airport Hotel in Mumbai, after a huge success of last year’s event of the same name. Organized by Goldman Communications, the CX event is one of India’s most popular customer experience events. Participants can be sure to expect lots of surprises, product revelations and insightful discussions with leading industry experts!

“Whenever Ameyo participates at the CX Conclave conference, the turnout and reception has always been top-notch, and this year shouldn’t be any different,” says Rahul Zutshi (@ZutshiRahul), Director – Marketing & Strategy at Ameyo, who is also a guest speaker at the event.

No wonder the organizers are calling it India‘s #1 customer experience conference!

What to Expect at CX Conclave 2017

For those who have already booked their calendars to attend this landmark CX event, here are a list of things to expect:


Customer Experience Innovation Like Never Before

Customers have evolved and adapted themselves well to the latest digital technologies. So, why aren’t businesses following suit? More specifically, why are companies in India being left behind when it comes to improving customer experience?
CX Innovation isn’t just a newer technology or infrastructure, it is a completely new way to imagine customer experience in the modern digital world. Modern customer experience is more than incorporating multiple channels and infrastructure – it is the unification of multiple technologies and services to deliver a unique customer experience.

70% of business and IT decision makers of Indian companies have placed CX a critical priority for their enterprises. – Forrester (The India Customer Experience Index)

At CX Conclave 2017, you can be sure to expect customer experience innovation like never before. Whether you’re looking to improve customer service with innovative customer service ideas, or eliminate multi-channel silos – there will be something for everyone.

Data-Driven Approach to Customer Experience Strategy

In the digital world, if you don’t have the data to support your business strategy – it will get a lot tougher to get it approved by C-Level executives. Data is the ultimate proof that something works – and customer experience analytics is often misunderstood when it comes to a data-driven customer experience design.
At CX Conclave 2017, you can be sure to expect panelists and CX Experts strongly focusing on building a data-driven customer experience strategy to improve customer experience.

Real World CX Case Studies


A majority of people would probably agree that a lot of conferences talk more theory than practical business application. CX Conclave, however, isn’t your average CX event. You’ll have no trouble relating customer experience design thinking to real-world business problems. The Pre-Event Workshop on 15th November specifically includes Design Thinking CX sessions that talks about:

CX Conclave Mobile App

On a personal note, last year I was pretty impressed by a mobile application launched by the event organizer that allowed participants to privately chat, receive live event updates, and browse venue maps. We are unaware of any mobile app launch for CX Conclave 2017. If there are any updates, we’ll surely add it here.

Ameyo at CX Conclave 2017

Being a market leader in Omnichannel Customer Experience and Contact Center Technology (cloud and on-premise) that strives to help others improve CX, Ameyo actively takes part in major CX and contact center events all across the globe. At CX Conclave 2017, Ameyo will be looking to help businesses of all sizes make exemplary customer experience possible.
If you’ve registered your seat for the event, don’t forget to visit Ameyo to get your very own CX Mug caricature by a professional sketch artist!

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