What is Cloud Telephony?

“Cloud” has been the new kid in the block for quite a few years now, and it will continue to be so. Cloud technology has radically transformed the communications realm with data and voice-centered hosted services. It is one such communication technology that is born from cloud after the insurgence and evolution of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) in the communications environment. 

What is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud telephony is a data communications technology in which all the communication applications like servers, switching and routing systems, PRI lines, SIP trunk, etc., are maintained and hosted by the service provider. The customers merely have to pay for the services and applications they use. Thereby, relieving them from the heavy investment they should have undergone if they opted for a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system deployment.

A PBX system deployment requires the customer to invest on PRI lines, PRI card and application servers making the entire setup capital intensive. On the other hand, a cloud deployment warrants zero investment on hardware, quick deployment, demand scalability, highly customizable, reliable, and easy to upgrade.

Here are 7 ways how Startups can take advantage of Cloud Telephony:

#1. Never miss a customer call: A startup has a lot riding on new customers, they spend a lot of money marketing their product/service. However, when their customers try reaching them, all they hear is a busy tone. This is what normally happens if your startup is running on one single phone line. Your customers wouldn’t think twice to flinch to your competition. What you need is a cloud telephony system and a feature called Interactive Voice Response System that can direct callers to pre-recorded information for self-service.

#2. Enhanced Customer Experience: Implementing a toll-free number from your service provider for your customers to call in, monitoring every customer conversation to identify the flaws, displaying the estimated wait time while on-hold, automatic customer priority, number masking, etc., are a few of the things a well armed cloud telephony service provider can offer, in order to improve customer experience dramatically.

#3. Seamless Integration: Startups normally invest on helpdesk software, CRM, ticketing system, etc., to streamline their customer support operations. But, when the business starts to grow and the customers start flowing, they would require a cloud telephony system to manage high call volumes. Cloud telephony systems can then integrate seamlessly with your existing software to improve and align customer interactions with customer support and business operations.

#4. Rapid Elasticity: With cloud telephony system, ports can be easily provisioned to manage increase in call volumes and scale with your growing business. An added advantage is that the start up can operate in multiple locations with one single system. By simply extending your cloud telephony, your business can operate in a new location rapidly without any downtime.

#5. Complete Control: Startups continuously experiment with their call flows and customer interaction workflows to optimize their interactions. A cloud telephony system allows you to change call flows and workflows instantly by changing the configurations of the flows with a simple drag-and-drop function. This provides the startup complete control over their telephony system with zero dependence on the service provider.

#6. Massive Marketing: If your cloud telephony provider supports SMS blasts or Voice Blasts, you can configure your system to send bulk SMS messages or voice recordings to your customers or prospects on any promotional offer (or other information) at the same time.

#7. Take your Business Calls from Anywhere: Cloud telephony solutions offers companies to answer customer calls from anywhere by just forwarding the call to an agent’s mobile number. This kind of system mobility helps in projecting a big image to the customers.

If your startup is ready to upgrade its communication solutions with minimal investment, shout out to us at Ameyo Emerge and we will be more than happy to help.


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