E-Commerce: Put in the simplest form, e-commerce refers to buying and selling of products and services over internet. After a steep uphill rise, the current estimated market size of e-commerce is USD 10 billion. Segmenting the industry into specific verticals, we get -

  • Online Travel
  • E-Retail
  • Digital Download
  • Financial Services
  • Other Online Services

Today's smart businesses are adapting best practices of customer experience management and are implementing automation systems to optimize their service delivery methodology. Even the technology is evolving quite rapidly to support the dynamic needs of such businesses. The prime need is to sit on top of this rapidly advancing innovations and delivering superior customer experience.

Best Practices:
  • Routine Enquiries should be minimized by Pro-Active outreach
  • No Customer Call should be missed
  • Repeat Calls should be given special attention
  • Measuring experience across platforms

The impressive 70% year-on-year growth of the e-commerce industry is credited primarily to dedicated and focused efforts towards "creating everlasting customer experiences". This has widely become the golden rule for success of any e-commerce business. Any enterprise that can manage to create differentiators in service delivery is able to decipher the code of 'Happy Customers'.

The right solution should have:
  • Multimedia communications
  • Unified Business Systems
  • Adaptability to process changes
  • Reliability

The AMEYO solution is a multichannel interaction management system that focuses on experience creation. With Ameyo, you add the power of pro-active customer service to your day-to-day business operations. The experience that travels forward is a good one and spreads through word-of-mouth bringing you repeat and new business from the same customer base.

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