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Customer Experience AI for New-Age Contact Centers

Smartly Improve Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence

What is a Customer Experience AI?

Ameyo’s AI platform is a future-ready solution built to resolve customer query and open tickets in a quick turnaround time. Backed by NLP or Natural Language Processing, the platform can conduct sentiment analysis on textual data and assist agents to prioritize ticketing.

It is an intelligent and innovative solution that lays emphasis on human emotions to deliver personalized customer service. To sum up, it is a single platform that achieves manifold goals- Improves Customer Satisfaction, Reduces Customer Irate, Empowers Agents, Averts Business Loss and Enhances Contact Center Efficiency.

Why Do You Need AI For Customer Experience?

Easy Self Service Options
Understands Customer's Intent

Sentiment analysis is crucial for understanding a customer’s state of mind. Ameyo’s AI platform reviews chat transcripts and highlight those instances when a customer felt irate or dissatisfied. Contact centers can now dive deeper into how a customer feels about their service. It pinpoints customer’s individual expectation, behavior, situation and prepares contact centers to handle customer service intelligently.

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Improves Agent Experience

Agents are after all humans and at times due to the high volume of tickets are prone to ignore escalations and high stakes tickets. This is no longer an issue, as Ameyo’s AI platform automatically identifies customer sentiments and notifies the agent or supervisor to prioritize a ticket. Agents experience is improved and they can service the customers better.

Happy Customers
Strengthens Customer Experience (CX)

Timely and quick resolution of tickets impacts customer experience in a positive way. The AI platform facilitates customer service teams to organize and prioritize tickets around customer sentiment. It empowers agents to make data-driven decisions. The agents are aware of the customer’s state and while resolving the issue are able to deliver positive customer experience.

Looking for a Complete Customer Experience AI?

Check Out All the Artificial Intelligence Features that Ameyo Offers

Artificial Intelligence that helps agents to prioritize customers and handle tickets efficiently

Automate Ticketing Operations

Prioritize Tickets with Heat Map

For customer support teams that receive a high volume of tickets daily, prioritization can be quite complex. Critical tickets can get buried or lost under a pile new tickets. Heat Map analyzes and assigns a status to each open ticket, allowing agents to identify critical tickets easily.


Understand Customer Behavior with Sentiment Analysis

The platform adopts a prediction model to calculate the sentiment of the customer from current and previous chats. Based on that, it assigns a score from 0 to 100, 0 being very negative, 50 being neutral and 100 being very positive. These findings help agents understand customer’s state and behavior.

Omnichannel Customer Support

Social Shout Index

Keeping a track of what your customers are saying about your brand on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter helps to avoid escalations. Social shout index can identify and help to avoid negative experiences promptly. Today’s customers are very active on social media and can convert their negative experiences into public opinion. Ameyo assists your support team to actively track your customers’ comments on Facebook and Twitter and offer support in real-time.


“In more than 6 years of our association with Ameyo, it has helped in significantly improving our customer success and engagement rates.”


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