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    What is virtual contact center?

    A virtual contact center, also known as a remote contact center, is a working model where your contact center agents are not confined to an on-premise setup. 

    With a virtual contact center, businesses can outsource customer service tasks to a team of remote employees available 24/7, and agents have the freedom to work from anywhere while receiving inbound customer calls and managing outbound queries. It offers a cost-effective solution to the traditional, legacy contact center solutions with flexible deployment options.

    How does a Virtual contact center Work?

    All virtual contact centers are set up to remotely handle inbound and outbound calls. Virtual call platforms are hosted on cloud or business premises depending on the business requirements. Once a virtual contact center platform is deployed, the customer service representatives can log in and work from wherever they are and handle customer calls with the advanced VoIP.


    Infrastructure Readiness Assessment

    While the virtual contact center solution eliminates the need for setting up infrastructure and hardware installations, it requires businesses to be equipped with tools and infrastructure support to ensure uninterrupted customer service like VPN access, strong internet connection, desktop/laptop/smartphones.

    Evaluating available infrastructure requires – media (SIP, PRI, gateway) and other server processors and specifications.


    Choice of Cloud or Premise Deployment

    One of the prime reasons contributing to the contact center's success is the speed of deployment. virtual contact centers are hardware-free; make the deployment quickly and without hassle in your business environment.

    Deploy your full-fledged contact center with PSTN or VPN-based remote solution on your preferred cloud partner in just a few hours and configure IVR and phone numbers in real-time.


    Onboarding and Training

    Your agents need proper training and tools to virtually communicate with their peers and managers. An internal chat option using Ameyo's virtual contact center software interface will make the team collaboration easy, ensuring that remote agents can reach out to each other, especially when they are on a live call.

    Ameyos' VCC creates a high trust environment with shared collaboration tools and lets the agents have access to all the information in a single dashboard.


    Go live

    Activativate the add-on features and integrations in the virtual contact center platform. Your virtual contact center is up and running within 48 hours.

    Why is Virtual Contact Center the Future?

    No Geographical Limitations

    Flexible agent login. Allow agents and supervisors to login from any device or location 

    High call quality at low Bandwidth

    WebRTC based calling to not compromise on call quality even when internet bandwidth is low


    Call Center on Mobile

    Manage all your inbound, outbound calls and view dashboards using a mobile app

    Don’t make the Customer Wait

    No more busy tone. Allow the customers to schedule a call back of hold their queue position

    Be on Customer’s Preferred Channel

    Engage with your prospects and customers via voice call, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, or Twitter 

    Remote Supervision

    No more busy tone. Allow the customers to schedule a call back to hold their queue position

    Real-time Resource Management

    Shuffle around & assign agents in real-time to different campaigns during peak traffic

    Monitor All Calls

    Let the supervisors monitor live calls with features like snoop, barge, whisper to ensure call quality

    Why Ameyo’s Virtual Contact Center Software?


    Mobile Agent Contact Center Application

    Ameyo offers an easy to use, flexible, and intuitive mobile contact center application so your virtual agents can log in from anywhere

    Enterprise Grade Call Contact Features

    Ameyo Virtual Call Centre provides comprehensive Enterprise contact center capabilities with Dialers, CTI, ACD, IVR, Unified desktop, and Omnichannel support

    Secure Virtual Application & Environment

    Ameyo provides a PCI DSS compliant, and ISO/IEC 27018 and ISO-27001 certified multi-layered secured virtual contact center environment to ensure data security and customer privacy.

    Switch to the Best Virtual Contact Center Software for Your Business

    Establish Remote IT Governance

    Establish Remote IT Governance

    Equip yourself with up to 15 parameters to overcome remote IT infrastructure challenges. Ameyo’s Application Infrastructure Management allows you to get a 360-degree view of all remote systems, devices, and environments with qualitative & quantitative feedback to contact center supervisors.

    Centralized Control of Remote Operations

    Centralized Control of Remote Operations

    Don’t let a dispersed remote workforce and different telephony systems get in the way of monitoring your virtual agents. Get a unified view of all your virtual contact center agents while having the flexibility to login from multiple devices or interfaces ans scale your remote operations with ease.

    Intelligently Route your Calls

    Intelligently Route your Calls

    Make the most of your agents’ skills. Use the routing algorithms to automate call routing based on the availability of agents, their expertise, or customer buying history. Don’t make your valued customers repeat their queries. Connect them to the last agent they spoke to and ensure faster query resolution.

    Automate Dialing to Eliminate Mundane Tasks

    Automate Dialing to Eliminate Mundane Tasks

    Allow your agents to focus on priority issues by eliminating routine, manual tasks. Configure the dialing strategies based on pre-set parameters for automatic lead assignment based on call traffic, available agents, call drop ratio, etc. Thus, increasing agent productivity with autodialer software.
    Improve Visibility of SLAs & KPIs

    Improve Visibility of SLAs & KPIs

    Remotely monitor call details, call performance, call distribution, average wait time, number of customers in the queue on a single screen. Monitor multiple campaigns simultaneously and choose the KPIs that are important to your business-specific needs while fetching and scheduling reports to be sent to your inbox to examine later.


    Don’t Miss Calls after Business Hours

    Don’t Miss Calls after Business Hours

    Integrate voicebots and chatbots to serve customers after business hours while allowing them to schedule a call back at a convenient time to resolve the issue. Do not lose out on any prospective customer by getting a missed call report to ensure they are catered to. Thus, increasing your conversion rate.


    Have Contextual Conversations

    Have Contextual Conversations

    Provide your customer care reps with all the customer data using CTI integration to have quality conversations. At the same time, the agents can merge, split, or transfer an interaction to a different agent while maintaining the context of the conversation. In case the details need to be changed, the agents can easily do it from the same tab – the data will be pushed to the CRM.

    Make Remote Working Fun with Ameyo’s Virtual Contact Center Solutions

    Auto Dialer
    Blended Campaigns
    Omnichannel Support
    Contact Center Integrations
    CTI Integration
    CTI Integration
    Unified Desktop
    Flexible Deployment
    Flexible Deployment
    Real-time Monitoring
    Real-time Monitoring
    Call Center Reports
    Contact Center Reports
    Single View of Customer
    Single View of Customer

    Ready to build your Virtual Contact Center?

    Ameyo Vs Competition

    What makes us different from other Contact Call Center Solutions

    Ameyo Other Vendors
    Call Center Monitoring Real-time and Historic Limited Monitoring Features
    Reporting Comprehensive Reports and Report Scheduling Limited Call Center Reporting
    Call Connect Rate High Low
    Real-time Queue Management Yes No
    Dialers Predictive, progressive, Preview Predictive & Progressive
    Telephony WebRTC and PSTN Only PSTN
    Device Flexibility Mobile app, laptop, feature phone Only Laptop
    Security Enterprise-grade Basic
    Complete IT Governance Yes No
    Flexible Agent Login Yes No


    “Ameyo helped us improve our TAT from 1 hour to 15 minutes.”

    Suresh V. Suryamurthy

    CEO, iMarque Solutions

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    Star Star Star Star

    Sankar Rao A.

    Director - Products

    Ameyo software is being used as a CTI for Ola customer and partner support. The software has met the expectation of Ola and we were able to extend it to meet Ola's unique requirements.
    Star Star Star Star Star

    Shivam M.

    Sr Network Engineer

    Our connectivity increased with retry time and campaign settings.Working with AMEYO has a great experience mostly in terms of Customer support on any issues identified. Ameyo is economical. Its flexibility with interating different CRM and it will keep stable.
    Star Star Star Star Star

    Ehab M.

    Head of Electronic Banking

    Easy to use and customize application with excellent support team
    Star Star Star Star Star

    Mitesh S.

    System Support Engineer

    I like this software because of the capability to handle large numbers of call flows. I like the efficiency of this software like how it works and gave us the option to supervise the agents activity on a real time basis and the proper reports which helps alot to conclude many things.

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    Work from Home Ready with Ameyo’s Unique Offerings

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A virtual contact center software is a customer service contact center where agents are not bound by geographically centralized location. It provides the flexibility of working from different remote locations, working from home or different offices. It allows companies to deliver their services across different time zones and reduce the infrastructure cost.


    In virtual contact center solutions, integrating with in-house or third-party CRM helps preserve the context of the conversation and give better insight to agents about the customer journey. Agents can make well-informed decisions when they are prepared for the call, thus maintaining the flexibility of workflow.


    Yes, a virtual contact center software can support multiple channel interaction like Chat, Voice, and Email as is required by the business.


    With a virtual contact center software, it becomes easy to scale up or down the business size elastically. With the reduced cost of infrastructure and hardware installation, a virtual contact center solution is an easy to deploy model that is equipped with all the features like ACD, IVR, Auto Dialer, Integration Capabilities, Omnichannel Interaction, etc., to best suit the needs of a business.


    Virtual Contact Center simply allows agents to work from their preferred location. And when you have ease of working from different locations, agents automatically manage customer interactions effortlessly. With the best virtual contact center tools like Unified Agent Desktop, Single View of Customer, and Knowledge Base Repository, agents are information ready and they can resolve customers’ queries instantly.