Customer Journey Management With Ameyo Omnichannel

Make each interaction count and maintain the context of conversations across channels

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Map Conversation Journey

Map Conversation Journey

Group related interactions into one conversation to preserve the context and maintain customer journey throughout the conversation. Agents can map a customer’s conversation journey and understand customer behavior. Plan your strategies according to your customer’s buying behavior and customize your deals according to their choices.

Cross-Campaign Capabilities

Merge Interactions To Preserve Context

Automatically merge the interactions into a conversation coming from passive media like emails and provide contextual information to the customers. Combine interactions coming through different active and passive channels while maintaining the context of the conversation thus increasing agent’s productivity. Reduce the redundant task of toggling between tabs to maintain a conversation across different channels.

Customer’s Preferred Channel

Customer’s Preferred Channel

Engage with your customers on their preferred channels. Analyze the mediums that your customers are using actively and reply to them via same the medium. Build relationships with your customers by providing them with the service on the media that they have chosen to interact with you. Send an email to your customers, be available on chat or pick up the call to answer their queries. Customers are delighted when they feel that they are being attended on their favorite channels.

Universal Agent

Universal Agent

Universal Agent has the capability to interact with the customer via inbound and outbound calls as well as chats as part of the active media. At the same time, he/she also has the capability to work on passive media like emails and social media while working on the tickets generated. In a holistic view, he/she would have a single customer view whether the interaction is from any channel. Improve agent’s efficiency and reduce the cost of operating customer queries by providing them with Unified Desktop.

Manage Omnichannel Conversations Seamlessly with Ameyo

Omni Conversation Resolver

Append the related multiple interactions across different channels into one conversation

Single Customer View

Track customer journey with a single customer view to let agents access information easily

Channel Reporting

Get detailed reports for all the channels – voice, email, social media, or chat



Handbook to Effectively Use WhatsApp for Customer Service

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