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What is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology to automate your inbound calls by allowing businesses to interact with customers through pre-recorded voice messages with DTMF input using a keypad. An IVR system interacts with callers, gathers some essential information, and routes call to the appropriate agents.


Why Do Businesses Need IVR?

There are a number of benefits of an IVR software solution for different industries. For eg. A banking IVR can be used by customers to know their bank balance while freeing the customer service executive time to manage critical queries. Among others, an IVR solution helps to increase customer service efficiency, handle incoming call spikes ,boost customer satisfaction when complemented with auto call backs. If set up correctly it can uplift your customer experience.

What are different types of IVR System?


IVR for Self-Service

An IVR System or automated voice allows businesses to service high call volumes at a lower cost. It can identify and route callers, and resolve their queries without transferring to a live agent. Calls are transferred to live agents only when the caller requires further assistance.


Hosted IVR

When an IVR solution is installed on a hosted software platform, it allows businesses to access the IVR application on the internet. This enables businesses to deliver 24/7 customer service, even after office hours. It helps you gain loyalty and improve customer satisfaction rates.


Agent-Assisted IVR

An agent-assisted IVR software helps a contact center to optimize its operational costs while delivering consistent customer service. The agent can dynamically direct pre-recorded messages to initiate a conversation with the customer, without the customer knowing about the agent’s involvement.

When Do Businesses Use an IVR Number?


Automate Customer Care

Provide the callers with an option to self-serve while automating routine queries


Collect Feedback

An IVR dialer is an effective channel to gather callers’ feedback or run a survey


After Hours Customer Support

Play a pre-recorded message mentioning you are closed and your office timings for post office hours calls


Personalized Experience

Customize your IVR flow and messaging based on callers’ region, transaction history, or other relevant factors


Reduce Operational Costs

IVR systems replace a receptionist or a customer service agent who answers calls and directs calls to agents


Improve First Call Resolution

Direct callers to the most appropriate department and qualified agent to avoid call transfer and increase customer satisfaction

IVR: A game-changer for your business productivity!

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How does IVR Work?

Step 1

Caller dials the DID or Brand’s contact number

The customer dials the customer care or contact number published by the company.

Step 2

Caller greeted with pre-recorded Message

A pre-recorded message greets the customers followed by prompts asking for relevant DTMF input via dial pad

Step 3

Information transfer to Caller

Once the caller dials the desired IVR input a simple CRM data fetch is possible , the required information is relayed back to the caller e.g Bank balance, EMI Date, Card Block request etc.

Step 4

Looking for Agent interaction

Once the caller dials the desired Agent interactionIVR input( Press 9 for talking to agent), caller either waits in queue or is connected to the right agent or department for assistance. In case a queue is busy one can also deploy an auto call back to caller, to enhance confidence and improve caller’s experience

Ameyo’s Smart IVR Solution for Enterprises


Design Personalized IVR

Design an IVR according to your business needs. You can define your personalized IVR flow with IVR scripts, professional greetings, call waiting music, specific actions on different numbers, and more. Smart IVR optimization ensures that your IVR script aligns with the overall messaging of your business to maintain consistency and hassle-free customer engagement.



Redefine Flexibility

Experience a high level of flexibility while designing your IVR flow with configurable workflows. Recording and playing custom prompts, intelligent call routing, queue management, or defining about business hours – everything can be done with simple drag and drop options via Ameyo Synthesizer. With Ameyo’s smart IVR software, you can turn your customer interactions way more efficiently.



Self Service Automation

Free-up your customers from waiting to talk to an agent or customer support team for common queries. Let your Interactive Voice Response System do it for you. A dynamic IVR system reduces the workload of the agents and lets them pay their attention to more pressing matters and encourage the customers to be self-reliant to solve their issues.



Let the Agents See Conversation Context

Make your agents informed about the IVR data as per the DTMF input of the caller using a configurable iFrame available in the agent’s toolbar. Here the agent can view all the relevant data so when the customer calls again to talk to an agent or while their first call is transferred to an agent, she/he should be able to view the IVR inputs entered to better understand the customer’s problem.



Manage High Call Volume with Customized Call Flows

Ameyo’s advanced IVR Solution offers configurable controls such as play advertisement, play a specific message during peak call traffic. Additionally, you can also configure the node flow to map a backup agent for your high-value customers in case of preferred agent routing. So, even if the relationship manager is not available, the mapped agent can attend to the caller and resolve their query.


Want to Boost your Customer Service with an Advanced IVR System?

IVR Software for Inbound Call Center Management

List of IVR Features to improve inbound call

Customized IVR Call Flow
Customized IVR Call Flow
Drag and Drop IVR Designer
Drag and Drop IVR Designer
Personalized Prompts
Personalized Prompts
After Business Hour Configuration
CTI Integration
CRM & CTI Integration
IVR Self Service
IVR Self Service
IVR Call Routing
IVR Blaster
Multi-level IVR
Skill-based Routing
Call Queuing
Preferred Agent Routing
Voice Logger
Voice Logger and Archiver
Supervisor Call Monitoring
Call Reporting & Dashboards
Call Reporting & Dashboards



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Easy to use and customize application with excellent support team
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I like this software because of the capability to handle large numbers of call flows. I like the efficiency of this software like how it works and gave us the option to supervise the agents activity on a real time basis and the proper reports which helps alot to conclude many things.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system allows businesses to enable their customers to self serve by configuring multiple IVR options. For example – a Bank IVR can configure multiple self-serve options like – Press 1 – Know Your Balance Press 2 Credit card related Information Press 3 Demat account-related information Press 4 Current account-related information Press 5 Talk to Agent Press 6 Go back to the previous menu.


Yes, Ameyo Synthesizer allows you to design your own interactions and call flows using a simple, easy to use drag and drop tool. Ameyo synthesizer also help you to configure ACD nodes additionally helping with call distribution to Agents.


An IVR blaster is primarily used to collect customer feedback and send bulk notifications to customers. For instance, after an order is delivered, an automated call is placed to the customer asking them to rate their experience like Press 1 for ‘poor’ or Press 5 for ‘satisfactory’ and so on.


IVR configurations get complex as a business expands its products, services & reach of markets. We at Ameyo acknowledge the growing needs and complexities of businesses and cover multiple use cases for businesses of varied sizes and complexities. Few of our IVR highlights being:-

– Multiple level IVR

– Multi-lingual Support

– Self-service options

– Dynamic IVR – Change real-time prompts based on CRM/Database

– Non-business hours support

– Personalized messages

– Easy CTI and CRM Integrations

– Call logging and reporting mechanisms

Having a complete call center suite for your business will help you achieve all these and a lot more.


The cost of an IVR system depends on various factors such as the number of agents, the business setup, etc. To get the best IVR pricing, talk to us today.


This IVR is part of our complete call management suite, Ameyo Voice. You can reach out to us here for further details.